Parish of Urr

A Parish in Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland

Parish Church of Urr


Early nineteenth century unpublished records for the parish of Urr provide insight and details about those that lived many generations ago. Having access to these records can be rather difficult. I have published some here for the parish. Published sources are easily accessable on various websites. These unpublished records provided a needed addition to the exisitng parish registers. Rev Muirhead the minister in the parish from 1770 till his death in 1808 reported in the statistical account of of 1794, "no record of burials were kept, and that those of marriages and baptisms were kept very carelessly, cheifly owing to the fact that hardly any marriages, and only ten baptisms had been celebrated in church during his incumbency." "It has been reported that from 1813 downwards, the session records have been kept with great accuracy." I should note, my great great great grandfather, William McNaught, was the session clerk for the parish from 1806 till his death in 1839.

The parish church is in Haugh of Urr which is in the central part of the parish. The parish is about 4 miles from north to south, it goes as far north as Crocketford and south as Dalbeattie. Within the lists you will find the names of the lands or estates within the parish and those that occupied those lands.
During the nineteeth century the town that prospered above all others was Dalbeattie. In 1858 a parish church was established there.

The parish and district grew in population and prosperity as the wars with France continued. There was a great demand for agricultural product that drove up prices to unheard of levels. It was under these circumstances that there was a need to tax farmers with a horse tax, and establish a volunteer militia. After the war ended in 1815 there was a depression in the region that lasted for many years.