Parish of Urr Ballot 'Liable' List - 1802

Parish Church of Urr

At Castle Douglas the twenty third day of October Eighteen hundred and two years,
Convene Sir William Douglas of Castle Douglas Bart
Lieutenant Wright of Largnean
Deputy Lieutenants - John Pew of Hollaaton Esq. JP; John Heron of Ingleston Esq. JP.
For the purpose of putting in execution an act of the 42 d Geo 3 d Cap 91
Entituted an act to raise and establish a militia force in Scotland. The Act being publicly read the schoolmasters of Kelton, Buittle and Urr appeared and produced Lists of all persons in the said respective Parishes falling under the description of the said Act and which Lists, the said Schoolmasters duly verified each of their respective Parish and stated that they had been all regularly published at the respective church doors in the terms of the act.
The several lists for the said Parishes of Kelton, Buittle and Urr having been one after the other publicly called over and amended in the manner proscribed by the Act. Wm Douglas

Parish of Urr Militia 'Liable' List
Hornblow John Labr Dalbeaty
Acking Robert Farmer Waterside
Acking David Farmer Stonehouse
Affleck George Farmer Chappelton
Affleck John Farmer Chappelton
Affleck William Servt Chappelton
Affleck John Servt Chappelton
Aiking John Labr Dalbeaty
Aiking Charles Mason Dalbeaty
Anderson James Servt Waterside
Anderson William Cotman Heritage
Anderson John Haugh
Anderson John Miller Milton
Barden John Miller Auchenreoch
Bell William Labr Dalbeaty
Blacklock James Shoemaker Dalbeaty
Blacklock John Shoemaker Dalbeaty
Blacklock William Shoemaker Dalbeaty
Broadfoot James Miller Dalbeaty
Broadfoot Alex Farmer n?her Place
Broadfoot William Auchenreoch
Brown Alex Meikle Culloch
Burgess James Shoemaker Dalbeaty
Burgess Elizen? Shoemaker Dalbeaty
Burton James Subtenant Meikle Furthhead
Buttan James/Thomas Brewer Dalbeaty
Campbell William Labr Dalbeaty
Campbell Alex Labr Haugh
Carlisle John Farmer Thrumeskland?
Carson William Servt Stonehouse
Caven Alex Farmer Reedwell
Charters James Baker Haugh
Christie John Labr Ackie slack
Clarke William Auchengibbert
Cochran James Servt Edingham
Collart James Blaiket
Collart William Blaiket
Colvin Samuel Servt Heritage
Collart James Blaiket
Copland James Mason Dalbeaty
Copland Alex Shoemaker Dalbeaty
Copland William Mercht Dalbeaty
Copland Benjamin Servt Glenarm
Copland James Mason Dalbeaty
Cottes James Servt Town of Urr
Craig John Weaver Haugh
Davidson Douglas Craigwall
Dougwell? John Servt Bar of Spottes
Easton Thomas Servt Stepend
Ferguson Robert Labr Dalbeaty
Garmory John Servt Dalbeaty
Garmory James Farmer Bogfoot
Garmory John Jun. Merchant Haugh
Gibson William Labr Haugh
Gordon John Farmer Parke
Greerson James Farmer Redcastle
Haining Peter Shoemaker Dalbeattie
Haining William Manse of Urr
Haliday John Servt Fells
Haugh Bazle Servt Chappelton
Haugh Robert Servt Chappelton
Herries David Householder Dalbeaty
Herries ? Esq of Spottes Spottes
Hornell Robert Labr Dalbeaty
Hume Joseph Servt Maskfart
Hume Ebenizer Farmer Haugh
Hyslop John Farmer Moss side
Hyslop Andrew Farmer Moss side
Irvine Robert Carter Dalbeaty
Johnston John Blacksmith Dalbeaty
Johnston William Farmer Boghead
Johnston James Farmer NewLands
Kelly Philip Weaver Dalbeaty
Kessock Samuel Farmer Rickhorn
Kessock Robert Taylor Dalbeaty
Kessock John Servt n?her Place
Kessock William Servt Little Culloch
Kingston Joseph Taylor Dalbeaty
Kirk James Weaver Haugh
Kirk Thos Weaver Haugh
Laurie John Weaver Dalbeaty
Lawrie John Cartwright Dalbeaty
Lewar John Stocking Maker Dalbeaty
Lindsay James Farmer Hallmyu?
Lindsay William Farmer Hallmyu?
Lindsay Peter Farmer Hallmyu?
Lindsay Jur Hugh Dyer Dalbeaty
Little William Servt Meilke Dalbeaty
Little William Cottar Little Turkhead
Little John Servt Little Culloch
Lowder John Farmer Town of Urr
M?head John Spottes
Maxwell William Servt Steadstone
Maxwell Gordon Caldside
McCartney Samuel Joiner Dalbeaty
McCawn John Farmer Brig foot
McClellan George Milton
McCornack Barnard Weaver Brigstone
McDowall James Servt Kirkland
McGarmory Andrew Farmer Crofthead
McGeorge William Farmer Heritage
McGeorge James Farmer Heritage
McGeorge Thos Farmer Heritage
McGeorge Joseph Farmer Maskfart
McGeorge Robert Farmer Nudtoun?
McGill Robert Labr Haugh
McGreggan John Shoemaker Dalbeaty
McKay John Cooper Dalbeaty
McKenzie James Flax Dresser Dalbeaty
McKenzie William Servt part of Grange
McLauchlane William Mason Dalbeaty
McMillan James Servt Milton
McMillan Robert Dyer Auchenreoch
McMorrine William Servt part of Grange
McMorrine Samuel Servt Milton
McMunay George Shoemaker Dalbeaty
McMurdo John Farmer Meikle Larg
McNish John Bookbinder Dalbeaty
McVitie James Servt Redcastle
Mein James Servt Meikle Culloch
Millen Peter Labr Meikle Furthhead
Milligan George Surgeon Dalbeaty
Murphie Michael Milton
Murray James Fells
Murrow John Shoemaker Dalbeaty
Neilson William Mercht Dalbeaty
Newall Robert Weaver Dalbeaty
Newall Andrew Weaver Dalbeaty
Newall William Little Turkhead?
Newall Charles Little Turkhead
Newall Thomas Farmer Edingham
Orr William Servt Milton
Pain William Cartwright Dalbeaty
Porter Alex Slater Dalbeaty
Rae William Mercht Dalbeaty
Rae William Springholm
Riddick John Labr Dalbeaty
Reid Robert Mason Dalbeaty
Robertson John Servt Spottes
Robinson David Farmer Haugh
Scott Robert Servt Rickhorn
Scott Frances Farmer Little Cocklick
Shaw Robert ? Meikle Cocklick
Slater Andrew Mason Haugh
Sloan William Taylor Dalbeaty
Sluter George Servt Bar of Spottes
Smith Ebenizer Farmer Nethertoun
Smith Robert Cartwright Milton
Stewart Alex Labr Meikle Furthhead
T??zer John Farmer Crockmore
Tait Robert Servt Tarzerichan?
Thomson James Woodcutter Dalbeaty
Thomson John Flax Dresser Dalbeaty
Thomson J Kinney Cottar Little Turkhead
Thomson John Subtenant Meikle Culloch
Thomson William Farmer Bush of Buld
Underwood Thomas Gateside of Culmain
Walker Thomas Mason Moat of Urr
Wallace James Servt Meikle Milton
Wallace John Farmer Stepend
Wilson John Mason Steadstone
Wilson John Labr Dalbeaty
Wilson James Labr Dalbeaty
Wilson Johnston Servt Little Cocklick
Wilson Joseph Farmer Lochside
Wilson John Milton
Woodend John Servt Nethertoun
Wright James Servt Little Turkhead