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151 record of death; seite 41; Ursus Geiser, Anna Barbara Herzogs Ehemann (Kruken Durs) v. Heir, 74 jahr Ursus Geiser
152 seite 46, #17; Verena Geiser, Urs Hegi sel. witwe von und zu heir, 66 jahr Verena Geiser
153 record of death; page 18, #5; Barbara Stettler geb. Gfeller von Ferenberg, 44 jahr, Hansen des Uhrmacher, witwe Barbara Gfeller
154 In Ramsiehof, a farm settlement in the small parish Elisabeth Glauser
155 Hans Wanzenried sel. ab der Langa? hinterlassen wittw. geb. Maria Grim Maria Grimm
156 record of death; 675 of; #49;Agatha Grolimund von Dietingen, witwe der Franz Joseph Jäggi Landmann von und in Recherswil gebornen 1775, 72 jahr Maria Agatha Grolimund
157 seite 204; Anna Schüpbach, geb. Grossenbacher, Peters sel. witwe von Landiswil K. Biglen..., 64 jahr, 5 monat, 21 tagen Anna Grossenbacher
158 record of death; page 135; Elisabeth Glauser, geboren Grossenbacher das Jakob Glausers von Rüthi dermahlen Grichtsäs zu Oberburg, Ehefrau, 23 jahr Elisabeth Grossenbacher
159 seite 6; Elsbeth Herrmann, Hansen Frau von Langnau, geb. Gurtner, 54 jahr, auf dem Weier Elisabeth Gurtner
160 record of death; page 104; Anna Stalder auf Britt. W. geb. Güdel, 56 jahr Anna Güdel
161 record of birth; seite 82; 67 jahr, Barbara Gudel Johann Ludis sel. auf dem Gberg, witwe Barbara Güdel
162 seite 44; Magdalena Güdel, Durs Rikli Eheweib von heir, 59 jahr Magdalena Güdel
163 TEST - Joseph Hofer - 1764; - Hans Bösiger von Baumgarten: Anna Barbara Hofer - 1772; Barbara Gygax, Hanss von Niederbipp Ehefrau Anna Gygax
164 TEST - Elisabeth Bösiger - 1765; - Anna Hofer geboh? Gygax von Thörig: Maria Bösiger - 1768; Andreas Bösiger von Rötenbach; Maria Ingold dass Felix Bösigers von Baumgarten ehefrau; Barbara Gygax von Thörigen: Hans Bösiger - 1770; Elisabeth Hofer von Bettenhausen...:  Anna Maria Gygax
165 TEST - Johannes Arn - 1772 - Anna Gygax: Anna Barbara Arn - 1773 - Hans Bösiger; Anna im Hoof: Johann Heinrich Arn - 1777 - Elisabeth Hofer von Dörigen: Anna Barbara Arn - 1780 - Hans Bösiger v. Baumgarten; Anna Gygax geb. Imhof v. Dörigen Barbara Gygax
166 TEST - Andreas Gygax - 1774; - Andreas Gygax, frater: Anna Maria - 1777; Maria Gygax zu Baumgarten: Anna Maria - 1786; Marei Gygax geb. Christ? Durs Gygax
167 page 14; 136; Hans Jakob Hegi, maurer, Ehemann der Verena Geiser, 41 jahr 1 monat 9 tagen Hans Jakob Hegi
168 record of death; seite 99; Elisabeth Heiniger, Caspar Christens sel. witwe von heir in Schweikhof, 56 jahr 10 monat Elisabeth Heiniger
169 He arrived in this country on 23 March 1927. Franz Heri
170 page 132; Barbara Herrmann, Christen Hofers Ehefrau von heir in Ratzbach, 65 jahr Barbara Herrmann
171 zu Beitiwil, Catharina Herrmann von Langnau, Christen tochter zu Beitiwil, 16 jahr Catharina Herrmann
172 Langnau, seite 4 auswärts ; Christian Herrmann von heir ein Ehemann auf dem Mösli bei Bowil... begraben zu Signau alt 86 jahr, getauft 9 Jan 1739 Christian Herrmann
173 see - http://donjaggi.net/gottfried/getperson.php?personID=I2175&tree=Recherswil Christian Herrmann
174 seite 119, #45; zu Beitiwil, Christian Herrmann, schmeid von Langnau, hausvater, 45 jahr Christian Herrmann
175 Christina Herrmann - Ulrich Schüzen Ehfr: von heir wohnhaft zu Gammeter, 70 jahr Christina Herrmann
176 In 1948 was when Daniel Herrmann (1736) was added to the tree. Now after research it has been determined that it is not possible for that Daniel Herrmann to have been the correct Daniel. Daniel (1736) had numerous siblings of which the witnesses to the baptisms in the family connect him to a Daniel that remained in Langnau and died there in 1798. Daniel (1742) becomes the only other possibility with limited evidence that he is connected. Additional research may strengthen that connection. He is connected to the same family as the two Daniels are cousins. Daniel (1736) was a Hafner (potter or roof tile maker) as was many of the family that remained in Langnau as the record indicate. For Daniel (1742) we learn from his wifes death that he was a steinbracher (stonemason) and that he was still a live in 1813. Daniel Herrmann
177 record of death; page 76; Daniel Herrmann Hafner in interdorf, 62 jahr Daniel Herrmann
178 record of death; page 59; Hanns Herrmann, Hafner in dorf hacher, 50 jahr Hans Herrmann
179 seite 61; Hans Herrmann von Langnau zu Beitiwil wohnh. 81 jahr Hans Herrmann
180 record of death; page 213; Peter Herrmann der Hafner bei der Bruk, ??? von Langnau, 52 jahr Peter Herrmann
181 record of death; page 3; Peter Herrmann, Hafner bei der Brük von Langnau, 55 jahr Peter Herrmann
182 seite 171; Ulrich Herrmann von heir ein witwer am Wiederberg, 66 jahr Ulrich Herrmann
183 page 98; Urs Herrmann eine wittwer von Langnau heir zu Sattlers haus, 83 jahr Urs Herrmann
184 record of death; seite 109; Verena Bürki, Bendichts witwe von Trimstein K. Münsingen geb. Herrmann von Höchstetten wohn: in Thalacker, 70 jahr Verena Herrmann
185 Anna Barbara Herzog, Urs Geiser sel. witwe, 74 jahr Anna Barbara Herzig
186 record of death; Rüderswil seite 60, #9; Anna Barbara Beutler geb. Hofer, Jakobs Ehefrau von Lützelflüh (get. 1804 Apr 22) zu Ranflüh R. Lützelflüh, 65 jahr 9 monat 22 tagen Anna Barbara Hofer
187 seite 39; Friedrich Hofer, Bendichts sel. N.B. zu Lütiwil, witwer, 71 jahr 5 monat Friedrich Hofer
188 Kirche Sankt Theodor Elias Hunziker
189 record of death; seite 59, 407 of; Maria Hünig ex Lengendorf uxor Petri Weber ex Riedholz; [died after birth of twins 9 Dec 1758 that did not survive] Maria Catharina Hünig
190 record of death; 443 of; Ursus Hünig de Langendorf, 45 jahr
Urs Hünig
191 record of death; page 90; Daniel Häusler ein Ehemann von Gundiswil, kirchgemeinde Melchnau auf dem Grat, 71 jahr Daniel Häusler
192 Elisabeth Haüssler, Jacob Schär's auf der Zelgg, Ehweib, 46 jahrs Elisabeth Häusler
193 Jacob Heüssler, Schulmeister, 53 jahr Hans Jakob Häusler
194 Hans Uli Heüssler dar alt Schulmei [school teacher] in Gummiswil, alt 73 Hans Ulrich Häusler
195 record of death; seite 234; Ursula Ingold des Andreas Gygax, Grichtsassen von Thörigen hinterlassen und witwe, 77 jahr 3 monat Ursula Ingold
196 Anna Jaggi Heri, 87, 255 North 4th East, Logan, died Jan 20, 1981, at Logan Regional Hospital. She was born June 30, 1893, in Recherswil, Solothurn, Switzerland, a daughter of Gottfried and Anna Christen Jaggi. She married Franz Heri in June, 1919, in Switzerland. The marriage was later solmenized in the Logan LDS temple. She was raised and educated in Switzerland. She and her husband immigrated to America in 1926, settling in Logan. For many years she was employed in the Cache Valley Hospital's laundry department. She was a member of the LDS Church, active in its auxiliaries, ward and stake choir and temple work. She and her husband served a mission in Switzerland in 1947-1948. Surviving is a sister, Martha J. Hug, Logan. Funeral services will be held Saturday at noon at the Logan 5th Ward chapel with Bishop Elwood W. Rasmusson conducting. Friends may call Friday from 7-9 p.m. at Cranney Mortuary and Saturday at the ward one hour prior to services. Burial will be in the Logan City Cemetery. Anna Jaggi
197 Bertha Jaeggi Fingerle, 63, wife of Christen C Fingerle, 470 Canyon road, died in a local hospital Monday at two p.m. after an extended illness. Mrs. Fingerle was born July 19, 1887 in Rechersevil C. T. Solothurn, Switzerland, the daughter of Gottfried and Anna Christen Jaeggi. She came to America with an older sister at the age of 14 and made her home in Salt Lake City. She was a member of the L.D.S. church. She was married to Mr. Fingerle in 1912 in the L.D.S. Salt Lake temple. They resided in Salt Lake City until 19 years ago when they moved to Ogden. She and her husband were called to serve in the Danish mission for the L.D.S. church, 1947 to 1949: Survivors include her husband, two sons and two daughters, Chris J Fingerle, Cedar City; Clarence Fingerle, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Ruth Karroll, Stockton, Calif., and Mrs. Joyce Roe, Ogden; two grandchildren; the following brothers and sisters: Mrs Fred Baumann, Salt Lake City; Ernest Jaeggi, Provo; Gottfried Jaeggi, Mrs Anna Heri and Mrs. Martha Hug all of Logan; Mrs. Elise Stuicki, Nampa, Idaho; Miss Emma Jaeggi and Sappl Jaeggi, both of Switzerland. Funeral services will be held Thursday at three p.m. at the mortuary, 533 Twenty-sixth, Bishop Orson T. Foulger, L.D.S. Seventh ward officiating. Interment will be in the Ogden city cemetery. Bertha Pauline Jaggi
198 (Research):July 12, 2002
I met a grandson of Elisa at the State Capitol today. His name was Fred Bauman. Phone number 968-6344; 3347 South 4300 West, West Valley, UT, 84120 
Elisa Jaggi
199 Mrs. Emma Jaggi Jenni, 76, died at a local hospital Wednesday evening after a brief illness. She was born Nov. 19, 1894 in Recherswil-Solothurn, Switzerland, daughter of Gottfried Jaggi and Anna Christian Jaggi. She was a member of the LDS Church where she served in all auxiliaries including 12 years as Relief Society president and many years as organist. She participated in drama in M.I.A. In her early life in Switzerland she worked on the newspaper factory. Mrs. Jenni married Herman Jenni Dec 27, 1918. He died in 1927. She came to America in 1952 and has resided in Logan since that time. She has been an ardent temple worker and has worked at Sunshine Terrace for five years. She was a member of the Logan 5th Ward. Surviving are a brother, Gottfried Jaggi and Mrs. Franz (Anna) Heri, Mrs. Martha Hugg, all of Logan; Marie Baumann, Salt Lake City. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at Hall Mortuary Chapel with Bishop Alvin C Hull in charge. Friends may call at the mortuary Friday from 7 to 9 and Saturday after 1 p.m.. Burial will be in the Logan City Cemetery. Emma Jaggi
200 Ernest Jaggi: Provo - Ernest Jaggi, 83, Provo died Dec 6 in a Provo hospital of natural causes. Born Jan 12 1887, Recherswil , Switzerland to Gottfried and Anna Christen Jaggi. Married Clara Seewer, July 20, 1912, Kemmerer, Wyo. solemnized Salt Lake LDS temple. Came to Salt Lake City in 1908. carpenter, saleman, miner. Survivors: widow, sons, daughters; Ernest, Sandy; Leroy S, Paul D, both Orem; Russell C, Bountiful; Donald J, American Fork; Grant U, Los Angeles; Mrs Helen K Bryan, Mrs. Joe (Barbara) Bourgeois, both Provo; Mrs. Dilly (Sally Ann) Callahan, Salt Lake City; 35 grandchildren; 44 great grandchildren; brother, sisters; Gottfried Jaggi, Mrs. Anaa Heri, Mrs. Martha Hug, Mrs. Emma Jenni, all Logan; Mrs. Fred (Marie) Bauman, Salt Lake City; Funeral tuesday 11 a.m., Berg Drawing room Chapel, Provo, where friends call Monday, 6-8 p.m., prior to service. Burial Provo city cemetery. Ernest Jaggi

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