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301 1851-1937
LIfe Sketch of Samuel Stettler
I was born on March 15, 1851 in Bantigen Hubel by Bolligen, Canton Bern, Switzerland. My father was Christian Stettler of Bolligen, Bern, Switzerland. My mother was Anna Barbara Rosina Mourer of Zolikofen, Bern, Switzerland. They were married on October 25, 1850.
I went to school in Geristein, it was one half hour walk from our home. I helped with the farmwork around our place which was a good farm and we earned our living on this place. My father also produced charcoal and earned a good living for the family in this pursuit. We always had two or three cows, geese. and many chickens. We always raised the calves form these cows and many were sold to the butchers shop. There were no dairies around, as such, and we made our own butter - 6 to 7 lbs. at a time which we also sold for from 20 cents to 30 cents per pound. We grew our own wheat and threshed it outwith hand flails, at least enough for our own use. We kept from ten to fifteen head of sheep. We sheared these sheep and washed, carded, spun and dyed the wool, brown and blue and this was knitted into woman's and girls's clothing. Mother made girls and womens clothing and a tailor came to our home who made boys and mens clothing. Clothing was very lasting and we had clothing for Sundays and other sets of clothing for week and workdays. Mother also used cotton and linens and she had been trained in the art of sewing cothing and spinning and weaving woolens. Stockings were knitted by hand.
I don't remember ever having a doctor come to our home. Mother was an expert in the use of herbs and she knew what was good for and which illnesses required the use of which medicinal herb. We never had any really serious illnesses to my recollection. When I was about eight years old I had a very serious cut on my hand and lost a good deal of blood. My father bound up the wound to stop the flow of blood. The gash healed very well even though the scar is visible to this day--being in my eighty second year.
I worked around home until March 1871 when I left and apprenticed myself to learn the trade of 'wheelwright'. In this apprenticeship I had to feed and milk the cows to pay for the training I was being given, this went on for two years. From there I went to Schlatt by Koniz and on this first paying job I recieved 50 cents per week in addition to board and room and this was used to buy myself a pair of leather boots. I stayed there four months and then went to Holligen by Bern and worked for a gardener for three months. From there I went to Madretsh by Biel and found work again in my profession as wheelwright. To begin with I recieved $1.25 per week and later was raised to $1.75 per week and still later that was doubled to $3.50 per week. I worked on that job for two and a half years. I then went to Jegensdorf where I earned $5.25 per week. I then had an urge to travel and went to Waadland toward Ferrenberg and worked round and about this area for two years, afterward returning to my childhood of Geristein to mother's brother, Uncle Niklaus Maurer where I started my own business. I was my own boss and earned about $1.25 per day. This made me very happy to have things so good. I was there for about two years and then returned to Ferrenberg where I worked for farmers making wagons, plows, harrows and other tools.
On the 2nd of November 1878 I was married to Marianna Jufer. We lived in a three story apartment house and had two rooms on the upper floor. Our first child, Marie Anna was born on 11 Feb 1879. My wife Marianna had a very difficult time during this labor and because of very stormy weather was unable to obtain any help untill a good neighbor came to the door and she assisted with the birth of the child. Marianna was soon well again. On 28 July 1880 our second child, Rosette was born three months premature. She looked so tiny and helpless that no one believed that she would live. However, she was soon quite well and grew up, though with a retarded mentality. At this time she is 52 years old and has been able to work well and do many things despite her handicaps. (Rosette passed away August 11, 1952)
We moved to Gloggenthal by Thun, Steffisburg. There I had a large factory-manufacturing plant - with two journeyman, one semi-skilled workman and one apprentice who lived with us. Here we had an elderlly women to tend our children and everything went well as we had a son born to us on 9th November 1881. Eleven days following the birth of this child we moved again to Worben by Brugg, Nidau. Here we had a shop and four acres of land with a large orchard.
From there we went to Werthof, Lappeln by Aarberg 
Samuel Stettler
302 of Flumenthal, Solothurn, Switzerland Maria Helena VonBueren
303 page 66; Catharina Wahli von Reüden, 40 jahr 9 monat, des schulmeisters tochter Catharina Wahli
304 page 62; Christina Wahli von Reüden, 30 jahr, ledig des schulmeisters sel. zu Ferenberg Christina Wahli
305 page 21; Hans Wahli von Ferenberg, 22 jahr, des schulmeisters sohn zu Ferenberg Hans Wahli
306 page 56, #73; Johannes Wahli von Reüden, 80 jahr 6 monat, schulmeister zu Ferrenberg Hans Wahli
307 page 33; Niklaus Wahli von Ferenberg, 17 jahr, des Schulmeisters sohn Niklaus Wahli
308 Albrecht Walther von Wohlen, steinhaur, 50 jahr Albrecht Walther
309 record of death; page 177; Bendicht Wanzenried sanck ledig, sohn v. Eichi zu Allmenidgen, 35 jahr, 4 monat, 3 tagen Bendicht Wanzenried
310 Samuel Wanzenried Ehemann der Elisb. Bachmann von und in Eichi Samuel Wanzenried
311 record of death; seite 150; Nicklaus Wegmüller, Christians, Ehemann der Maria Herrmann von Biglen zu Ostermundigen, get. 5 May 1796, 66 jahr Niklaus Wegmüller
312 hiemat - Eggwil Johannes Wermuth
313 died in child birth Barbara Weyermann
314 Former Salt Laker is Buried in San Francisco: Word was recieved here Monday of the funeral in San Francisco Nov 1. of Jacob Wihler, former resident of Salt Lake who died in the coast city Oct 30. Mr. Wihler was born in Switzerland Jan 6, 1867 and moved to Salt Lake in 1906, making his home at 758 east Twenty-first south street until his romoval to California in 1923. While in Salt Lake Mr. Wihler was employed by the Salt Lake Hardware company. Surviving are his widow. Mrs. Marie Wihler, and the following children: Alfred, Marie, Emma, Ida, Emil, and Frieda Wihler, all of San Francisco. Jacob Wihler
315 July 26 1746, Margreth Wälchli, wittw., alt Schulmi Häüsler, 86 jahr Margreth Wälchli
316 seite 160; Anna Jäggi, Jacobs des Grichtsass in Thal Ehefr geb. Zulliger de 6 Apr 1732 Anna Zulliger
317 page 74; Barb. Zulliger, Mattenb: 63 jahr, 2 monat, ; Joseph Gr. m. frau??, geb. Zulliger Barbara Zulliger
318 seite 159; Jacob in Mattenbach alt Grichtsäss de 21 Dec 1721 Jacob Zulliger
319 record of death; Johannes Zulliger ein Ehemann v. Wyssbach von Mattenbach an der Brustwassersucht, 61 jahr, 5 monat, 17 tagen Johannes Zulliger
320 72 jahr Joseph Zulliger
321 seite 146; Maria Zulliger geb. Zulliger, Jacob Zulligers Grichtsäss in Mattenbach, Ehefrau, 62 jahr Maria Zulliger
322 seite 79; Maria Anliker geb. Zulliger, Melchoir sel. witwe von Gondiswil auf dem ???, 50 jahr 6 monat [abgesschieden] Maria Zulliger
323 Seite 327, Rüderswil auswärts; Christina Moser geb. Zürcher Ulis witwe von R. zu Häuslebach in Oberthal K. Höchstetten, 76 jahr 10 monat 22 tagen Christina Zürcher
324 Church census records include censuses for the years 1914, 1920, 1925, 1930, 1935, 1940, 1950, 1955, and 1960. Arranged alphabetically by head of household Source: Church census records, 1914-1960
325 Microfilm of originals at the Department of Health and Welfare in Boise, Idaho. Source: Death certificates, 1911-1937
326 Julius Billeter was a professional Swiss genealogist who traced many Swiss lines. blog post Source: Genealogical notes on families of Switzerland etc. : research made by Julius Billeter, from 1896-1950, arranged in semi-alphabetical order of surnames
327 Microfilm of manuscripts at the county courthouse, Logan, Utah. Source: Marriage records, 1887-1966
328 Microfilm of original records at the State Capitol Building, Salt Lake City, Utah Source: Naturalization records, 1884-1929
329 Microfilm of original records at the State Capitol Building, Salt Lake City, Utah Source: Naturalization records, 1884-1929
330 These records contain names and other information about immigrants who passed through a designated immigration station known as Ellis Island from 1890 to 1954. Ellis Island is now part of New York City. The index stops at 1943. Source: Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, NY, 1897--1957. T715.
331 Records open to the public Source: Utah Death Certificates 1904 to 1950 Series 81448
332 Records open to the public Source: Utah Death Certificates 1904 to 1950 Series 81448

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