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Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland


Tree: Gottfried Jaggi

Located in the parish of Aeschi. In 1798 the gemeinde had a population of 300 which was the largest in the parish, and was equal in size to Aeschi gemeinde at about 1 1/3 mile square


City/Town : Latitude: 47.1876571, Longitude: 7.6484106


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gasche, Anna  Abt 1650Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1273
2 Glutz, Jacob  Abt 1725Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1178
3 Jäggi, Anna  Abt 1710Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1309
4 Jäggi, Margaritha  Abt 1735Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2611
5 Meyer, Hieronimus  Abt 1650Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1272
6 Müller, Maria Elisabeth  Abt 1750Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2636
7 Stampfli  26 Nov 1794Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2588
8 Stampfli, Franz Joseph  22 Feb 1814Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I635
9 Stampfli, Urs  Abt 1670Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3352
10 Trösch, Joseph  Abt 1725Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I834


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Glutz, Elisabeth Magdalena  20 Oct 1811Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I629
2 Glutz, Joseph  26 Dec 1813Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I630
3 Glutz, Maria Elisabeth  16 Apr 1779Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1180
4 Glutz, Maria Magdalena Elisabeth  5 Sep 1775Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1179
5 Glutz, Urs  8 Aug 1822Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1008
6 Glutz, Urs Joseph  20 Dec 1779Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3166
7 Kaufmann, Joannes  15 Dec 1724Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1
8 Luterwein, Anna Maria  26 Sep 1789Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1195
9 Meyer, Anna  20 Nov 1672Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3353
10 Meyer, Catharina  10 Aug 1678Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1276
11 Meyer, Joannes  7 Dec 1670Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1274
12 Meyer, Joseph  16 Aug 1675Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1275
13 Müller, Anna Elisabeth  21 Dec 1791Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1201
14 Müller, Anna Elisabeth  31 Aug 1824Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1250
15 Müller, Anna Maria  4 Jun 1743Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I213
16 Müller, Barbara  26 Aug 1736Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I209
17 Müller, Catharina  23 Apr 1811Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1248
18 Müller, Jacob  26 Jan 1796Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1203
19 Müller, Joannes  19 Mar 1741Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I212
20 Müller, Joannes Joseph  18 May 1799Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1204
21 Müller, Joannes Joseph  10 Jun 1800Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1205
22 Müller, Joannes Joseph  17 Sep 1818Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1249
23 Müller, Maria  9 Dec 1737Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I210
24 Müller, Maria Anna  4 Mar 1747Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I214
25 Müller, Maria Catharina  30 Oct 1789Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1200
26 Müller, Maria Elisabeth  5 Nov 1731Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I206
27 Müller, Maria Elisabeth  8 Sep 1732Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I207
28 Müller, Maria Elisabeth  1 Jan 1750Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I215
29 Müller, Maria Ursula  21 Sep 1802Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1206
30 Müller, Nicolaus  3 Dec 1706Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I149
31 Müller, Nicolaus  12 Aug 1739Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I211
32 Müller, Urs  2 Aug 1734Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I208
33 Müller, Urs  9 Mar 1785Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1198
34 Müller, Urs  6 Oct 1786Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1199
35 Müller, Urs Jacob  15 Feb 1795Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1202
36 Müller, Urs Joseph  9 Mar 1752Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I216
37 Müller, Urs Joseph  3 Apr 1782Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1197
38 Müller, Urs Joseph  2 Feb 1827Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1251
39 Ris, Joannes Victor  2 Mar 1789Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1098
40 Ris, Joseph  26 Mar 1755Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1092
41 Ris, Maria  6 May 1784Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1096
42 Ris, Maria Anna  5 Oct 1786Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1097
43 Ris, Maria Catharina  29 Jul 1778Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1093
44 Ris, Maria Elisabeth  30 Mar 1780Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1094
45 Ris, Urs Jacob  24 Jul 1782Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1095
46 Stampfli, Anna  25 Oct 1699Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3356
47 Stampfli, Anna  27 Apr 1734Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1311
48 Stampfli, Anna Elisabeth  28 Dec 1787Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1246
49 Stampfli, Anna Elisabeth  18 Apr 1798Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2590
50 Stampfli, Anna Maria  25 Jul 1732Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1310

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fluri, Maria Barbara  13 Aug 1854Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1176
2 Fluri, Maria Magdalena  3 Jan 1797Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I830
3 Glutz, Anna Maria  18 Nov 1835Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I628
4 Glutz, Elisabeth Magdalena  3 Nov 1811Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I629
5 Glutz, Jacob  31 Jan 1784Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1178
6 Heuri, Maria  19 Apr 1774Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2579
7 Meyer, Anna  25 Jun 1727Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3353
8 Müller, Anna Elisabeth  5 Jul 1794Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1201
9 Müller, Catharina  8 May 1863Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1248
10 Müller, Joannes  5 Apr 1746Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I212
11 Müller, Joannes Joseph  22 May 1799Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1204
12 Müller, Joannes Joseph  17 Mar 1837Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1205
13 Müller, Maria Elisabeth  25 Dec 1803Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I215
14 Müller, Urs  29 Apr 1785Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1198
15 Müller, Urs  25 Dec 1809Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I208
16 Müller, Urs Jacob  19 Feb 1795Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1202
17 Müller, Urs Joseph  24 Jun 1808Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I216
18 Müller, Urs Joseph  23 Jan 1842Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1197
19 Müller, Urs Joseph  19 Mar 1869Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1251
20 Niggli, Catharina  22 Apr 1872Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2657
21 Ris, Joseph  29 Dec 1790Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1092
22 Ris, Maria  21 Mar 1805Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1096
23 Ris, Urs Jacob  10 Mar 1848Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1095
24 Schwaller, Anna Maria  9 Jun 1785Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I153
25 Schwaller, Maria Magdalena  6 Dec 1771Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3216
26 Stampfli  27 Nov 1794Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2588
27 Stampfli, Anna Elisabeth  5 Feb 1845Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1246
28 Stampfli, Jacob  3 Jun 1761Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2578
29 Stampfli, Joannes Jacob  11 Mar 1759Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I165
30 Stampfli, Joannes Joseph  23 Nov 1774Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I159
31 Stampfli, Joannes Udalricus  1758Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2581
32 Stampfli, Joseph  30 Oct 1781Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3360
33 Stampfli, Maria Anna  19 Jul 1794Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1247
34 Stampfli, Urs  30 Jan 1738Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3352
35 Stampfli, Urs  12 Apr 1778Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I3362
36 Stampfli, Urs  27 Nov 1788Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I155
37 Stampfli, Urs  27 Dec 1805Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1244
38 Stampfli, Urs Joseph  19 Sep 1791Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I162
39 Stampfli, Urs Joseph  4 Jul 1798Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1242
40 Stampfli, Urs Joseph  3 Jan 1870Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I631
41 Strähl, Maria Magdalena  7 Nov 1842Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I2635
42 Widmer, Maria  10 Oct 1778Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I160
43 Winistörfer, Elisabeth  1 Nov 1834Etziken, Solothurn, Switzerland I1196