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Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland


Tree: Lina Stettler
Notes: Melchnau in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (HDS) in german it is known as the Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz
Summary: Before the reformation in the 1500’s Melchnau was in Grossdietwil parish of Lucerne Canton, so it shares a border with the Catholic Canton of Lucerne. In 1764 there were 628 people and by 1850 there were 1478 people in the gemeinde which included the village, hamlets and farms in an area of 4 square miles. The kirchgemeinde of Melchnau includes the gemeinden of Melchnau, Busswil, Gondiswil, and Reisiswil; before 1798 it also included Auswil. The kirchgemeinde covered an area of 9.5 square miles without Auswil and a population of about 1800 people in 1764 and 3700 people in 1850. Besides farming there was straw and linen weaving, and shoemaking.
Further information about Melchnau can be about at the familysearch wiki.

City/Town : Latitude: 47.183088, Longitude: 7.85053


Melchnau, Switzerland
Picture postcard of Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland
Picture postcard of Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bärtschi, Maria  1784Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1976 Lina Stettler 
2 Frauchiger, Johannes  1736Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1897 Lina Stettler 
3 Horisberger, Elisabeth  25 Feb 1815Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2216 Lina Stettler 
4 Jenzer, Anna  Abt 1680Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2525 Lina Stettler 
5 Jufer, Albrecht  8 Jul 1866Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I175 Lina Stettler 
6 Jufer, Andreas  7 Mar 1827Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2559 Lina Stettler 
7 Jufer, Anna Barbara  18 Sep 1807Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2549 Lina Stettler 
8 Jufer, Anna Katharina Ester  2 May 1818Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2555 Lina Stettler 
9 Jufer, Anna Maria  8 Mar 1817Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2554 Lina Stettler 
10 Jufer, Elisabeth  19 Nov 1809Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2550 Lina Stettler 
11 Jufer, Elisabeth  1 Aug 1811Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2551 Lina Stettler 
12 Jufer, Friedrich  3 Oct 1855Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1981 Lina Stettler 
13 Jufer, Hans Ulrich  Abt 1670Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2524 Lina Stettler 
14 Jufer, Jakob  19 Aug 1742Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1722 Lina Stettler 
15 Jufer, Jakob  15 Oct 1804Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2548 Lina Stettler 
16 Jufer, Jakob  20 Jun 1816Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1753 Lina Stettler 
17 Jufer, Jakob  22 Apr 1821Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2556 Lina Stettler 
18 Jufer, Jakob  20 Mar 1823Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2557 Lina Stettler 
19 Jufer, Johann Ulrich  13 Oct 1813Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2552 Lina Stettler 
20 Jufer, Johannes  3 Apr 1801Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2547 Lina Stettler 
21 Jufer, Johannes  17 Jul 1857Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I173 Lina Stettler 
22 Jufer, Katharina  12 Feb 1825Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2558 Lina Stettler 
23 Jufer, Rosette  15 Oct 1862Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I174 Lina Stettler 
24 Jufer, Ulrich  7 May 1815Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2553 Lina Stettler 
25 Käser, Hans Jakob  Abt 1745Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1807 Lina Stettler 
26 Leuenberger, Hans Jakob  6 Sep 1799Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2560 Lina Stettler 
27 Leuenberger, Ulrich  28 Oct 1798Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1955 Lina Stettler 
28 Schär, Elisabeth  Abt 1784Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2445 Lina Stettler 
29 Stalder, Hans  Abt 1720Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2250 Lina Stettler 
30 Wälchli, Anna  Abt 1727Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2537 Lina Stettler 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Frauchiger, Anna Barbara  16 Mar 1738Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1804 Lina Stettler 
2 Frauchiger, Anna Barbara  03 Jan 1740Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1803 Lina Stettler 
3 Frauchiger, Barbara  22 Jan 1758Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1723 Lina Stettler 
4 Frauchiger, Daniel  18 Jun 1752Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1799 Lina Stettler 
5 Frauchiger, Elisabeth  24 Jun 1742Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1802 Lina Stettler 
6 Frauchiger, Jakob  12 Jan 1755Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1798 Lina Stettler 
7 Frauchiger, Johann Ulrich  1 Mar 1750Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1800 Lina Stettler 
8 Frauchiger, Peter  13 Nov 1803Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1810 Lina Stettler 
9 Frauchiger, Ursula  28 May 1748Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1801 Lina Stettler 
10 Häusler, Andreas  3 Mar 1690Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2426 Lina Stettler 
11 Häusler, Peter  14 Feb 1716Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2340 Lina Stettler 
12 Jufer, Andreas  6 Sep 1793Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1792 Lina Stettler 
13 Jufer, Anna  20 May 1714Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2529 Lina Stettler 
14 Jufer, Anna  9 Oct 1763Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2534 Lina Stettler 
15 Jufer, Anna Barbara  14 Apr 1861Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2522 Lina Stettler 
16 Jufer, Anna Maria  22 Oct 1769Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2535 Lina Stettler 
17 Jufer, Anna Maria  13 Mar 1825Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1754 Lina Stettler 
18 Jufer, Barbara  5 Sep 1717Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2530 Lina Stettler 
19 Jufer, Barbara  21 May 1719Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2531 Lina Stettler 
20 Jufer, Barbara  22 Oct 1779Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1783 Lina Stettler 
21 Jufer, Daniel  6 Apr 1755Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2540 Lina Stettler 
22 Jufer, Elisabeth  27 Oct 1780Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2544 Lina Stettler 
23 Jufer, Elisabeth  23 Nov 1783Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2545 Lina Stettler 
24 Jufer, Elisabeth  8 Oct 1848Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2518 Lina Stettler 
25 Jufer, Hans Jakob  19 Jun 1772Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2536 Lina Stettler 
26 Jufer, Hans Ulrich  14 Jun 1705Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1777 Lina Stettler 
27 Jufer, Hans Ulrich  01 Aug 1745Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1780 Lina Stettler 
28 Jufer, Hans Ulrich  13 Jul 1777Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1787 Lina Stettler 
29 Jufer, Jacob  13 Sep 1750Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2538 Lina Stettler 
30 Jufer, Jakob  4 Jan 1711Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2528 Lina Stettler 
31 Jufer, Jakob  4 Apr 1779Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2546 Lina Stettler 
32 Jufer, Jakob  6 Mar 1791Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1791 Lina Stettler 
33 Jufer, Jakob  12 Apr 1818Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I169 Lina Stettler 
34 Jufer, Jakob  26 Sep 1851Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2519 Lina Stettler 
35 Jufer, Jakob  13 Feb 1853Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2520 Lina Stettler 
36 Jufer, Johann Ulrich  30 Mar 1783Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I176 Lina Stettler 
37 Jufer, Johannes  17 Nov 1747Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1781 Lina Stettler 
38 Jufer, Johannes  24 Mar 1782Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1974 Lina Stettler 
39 Jufer, Johannes  26 Aug 1827Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1755 Lina Stettler 
40 Jufer, Katharina  29 Jan 1865Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2523 Lina Stettler 
41 Jufer, Maria  4 Mar 1753Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2539 Lina Stettler 
42 Jufer, Maria  16 Apr 1780Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1973 Lina Stettler 
43 Jufer, Maria  13 May 1781Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1782 Lina Stettler 
44 Jufer, Maria  10 Jun 1855Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2521 Lina Stettler 
45 Jufer, Marianna  27 Apr 1851Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I139 Lina Stettler 
46 Jufer, Peter  2 Oct 1707Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2527 Lina Stettler 
47 Jufer, Salomon  10 Jul 1785Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1788 Lina Stettler 
48 Jufer, Samuel  29 Dec 1743Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1779 Lina Stettler 
49 Jufer, Samuel  15 Jun 1788Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1790 Lina Stettler 
50 Jufer, Ulrich  21 Mar 1723Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2532 Lina Stettler 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anliker, Maria  9 Aug 1756Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2464 Lina Stettler 
2 Frauchiger, Anna Barbara  Bef 1740Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1804 Lina Stettler 
3 Frauchiger, Daniel  09 Nov 1815Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1799 Lina Stettler 
4 Friedli, Elisabeth  10 Feb 1823Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2543 Lina Stettler 
5 Hunziker, Anna  17 Apr 1875Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I170 Lina Stettler 
6 Häusler, Barbara  5 May 1781Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2347 Lina Stettler 
7 Jufer, Andreas  13 Apr 1859Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2559 Lina Stettler 
8 Jufer, Barbara  3 May 1718Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2530 Lina Stettler 
9 Jufer, Daniel  31 Jan 1833Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2540 Lina Stettler 
10 Jufer, Elisabeth  26 Jun 1782Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2544 Lina Stettler 
11 Jufer, Elisabeth  8 Dec 1809Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2550 Lina Stettler 
12 Jufer, Elisabeth  7 Apr 1842Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2545 Lina Stettler 
13 Jufer, Elisabeth  18 Feb 1884Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2551 Lina Stettler 
14 Jufer, Hans Jakob  17 Jan 1844Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2536 Lina Stettler 
15 Jufer, Hans Ulrich  23 Oct 1747Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1777 Lina Stettler 
16 Jufer, Jacob  13 Dec 1831Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2538 Lina Stettler 
17 Jufer, Jakob  11 Apr 1817Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1753 Lina Stettler 
18 Jufer, Jakob  25 Jan 1818Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2548 Lina Stettler 
19 Jufer, Jakob  27 May 1821Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2556 Lina Stettler 
20 Jufer, Jakob  13 Jan 1852Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2546 Lina Stettler 
21 Jufer, Jakob  16 Nov 1901Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I169 Lina Stettler 
22 Jufer, Johann Ulrich  15 Jan 1847Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2552 Lina Stettler 
23 Jufer, Johannes  07 Nov 1812Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1781 Lina Stettler 
24 Jufer, Maria  30 Nov 1781Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2539 Lina Stettler 
25 Jufer, Samuel  04 Jul 1751Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1779 Lina Stettler 
26 Jufer, Ulrich  24 Feb 1756Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2532 Lina Stettler 
27 Jufer, Ulrich  6 Apr 1859Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1789 Lina Stettler 
28 Käser, Hans Ulrich  12 Dec 1779Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2459 Lina Stettler 
29 Käser, Hans Ulrich  18 Jun 1781Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2460 Lina Stettler 
30 Morgenthaler, Elisabeth  08 May 1857Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I177 Lina Stettler 
31 Müller, Verena  28 Mar 1883Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1503 Lina Stettler 
32 Stalder, Maria  28 Dec 1807Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2254 Lina Stettler 

Ancestral Home

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ancestral Home    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jufer, Hans Jakob  Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1786 Lina Stettler 
2 Leuenberger, Anna Maria  Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2505 Lina Stettler 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anliker / Häusler  6 Oct 1775Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F688 Lina Stettler 
2 Anliker / Schärer  3 Jun 1675Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F707 Lina Stettler 
3 Beck / Häusler  21 Jan 1772Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F687 Lina Stettler 
4 Egli / Frauchiger  23 Oct 1795Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F659 Lina Stettler 
5 Frauchiger / Furhimann  08 Aug 1803Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F599 Lina Stettler 
6 Frauchiger / Käser  18 Nov 1735Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F594 Lina Stettler 
7 Frauchiger / Schärer  23 Apr 1777Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F598 Lina Stettler 
8 Haas / Anliker  10 May 1715Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F708 Lina Stettler 
9 Häusler / Anliker  25 Jan 1713Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F683 Lina Stettler 
10 Häusler / Anliker  27 Apr 1731Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F704 Lina Stettler 
11 Häusler / Häusler  20 Jan 1741Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F685 Lina Stettler 
12 Häusler / Häusler  14 Mar 1742Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F709 Lina Stettler 
13 Häusler / Schär  15 Dec 1713Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F703 Lina Stettler 
14 Häusler / Schär  6 Oct 1724Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F702 Lina Stettler 
15 Häusler / Schär  20 Jun 1760Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F705 Lina Stettler 
16 Häusler / Wälchli  27 Apr 1677Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F699 Lina Stettler 
17 Jufer / Bösiger  18 Jun 1847Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F715 Lina Stettler 
18 Jufer / Frauchiger  02 Oct 1778Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F574 Lina Stettler 
19 Jufer / Friedli  28 Sep 1772Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F719 Lina Stettler 
20 Jufer / Häusler  10 Nov 1741Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F591 Lina Stettler 
21 Jufer / Jenzer  20 Oct 1699Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F716 Lina Stettler 
22 Jufer / Jäggi  3 Aug 1855Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F622 Lina Stettler 
23 Jufer / Morgenthaler  21 Jul 1815Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F32 Lina Stettler 
24 Jufer / Schärer  25 Jul 1773Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F592 Lina Stettler 
25 Jufer / Wälchli  5 Dec 1749Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F718 Lina Stettler 
26 Käser / Häusler  19 Nov 1772Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F706 Lina Stettler 
27 Lanz / Häusler  9 May 1751Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F712 Lina Stettler 
28 Lanz / Häusler  10 May 1756Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F686 Lina Stettler 
29 Leuenberger / Lanz  25 Feb 1776Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F713 Lina Stettler 
30 Schär / Häusler  1 May 1766Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F710 Lina Stettler 
31 Stalder / Morgenthaler  Abt 1750Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F674 Lina Stettler 
32 Zingg / Güdel  30 May 1788Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland F832 Lina Stettler