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Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bobst, Joseph  Abt 1760Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3263


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bargetzi, Theresia  1 Oct 1785Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1400
2 Berger, Anna Elisabeth Johanna  24 May 1824Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1363
3 Berger, Anna Maria  7 Jan 1819Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1361
4 Berger, Johannes  21 Apr 1791Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1357
5 Berger, Joseph Lambert  17 Sep 1826Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1364
6 Berger, Maria Anna  31 Jan 1821Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1362
7 Berger, Theresia  4 Mar 1815Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1359
8 Berger, Urs Joseph  18 Oct 1813Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1358
9 Berger, Urs Joseph Alphonous  28 Oct 1816Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1360
10 Bobst, Anna Elisabeth  24 May 1793Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3269
11 Bobst, Anna Maria  2 Aug 1789Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3267
12 Bobst, Anna Maria  8 Nov 1817Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1127
13 Bobst, Anna Maria Seraphia  3 Sep 1823Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1131
14 Bobst, Anna Maria Tausta  18 Jun 1836Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1136
15 Bobst, Catharina  25 Apr 1791Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3268
16 Bobst, Catharina  6 Dec 1838Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1137
17 Bobst, Catharina Johanna  26 Nov 1824Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1132
18 Bobst, Francis Joseph  17 Mar 1785Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3264
19 Bobst, Georgi Agapitus  18 Aug 1820Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1129
20 Bobst, Joannes  15 Jan 1788Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3266
21 Bobst, Johann Ewald  13 May 1832Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1135
22 Bobst, Joseph Morand  20 Nov 1828Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1133
23 Bobst, Josepha  1 Oct 1796Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3271
24 Bobst, Maria Georgia Coletta  12 Oct 1821Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1130
25 Bobst, Maria Josepha Susanna  14 Feb 1819Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1128
26 Bobst, Peter Joseph  13 Dec 1794Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3270
27 Bobst, Urs Joseph  8 Jun 1786Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3265
28 Bobst, Ursula Marcellina  9 Nov 1830Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1134
29 Rieder, Anna Maria Victoria  Jun 1822Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I579
30 Rieder, Catharina Victoria  3 Feb 1824Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I580
31 Rieder, Helena Aloyisa  21 Jan 1820Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I578
32 Rieder, Maria Ursula  16 Nov 1818Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I577
33 Rieder, Victor  19 Jan 1789Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I576
34 von Arx, Anna Maria  22 Oct 1806Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1217
35 von Arx, Georg  21 May 1798Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1212
36 von Arx, Joann Christen  18 Aug 1769Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1211
37 von Arx, Joseph  11 Aug 1802Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1215
38 von Arx, Peter Joseph  23 Feb 1805Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1216
39 von Arx, Urs Hieronimus  23 Dec 1809Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1218
40 von Arx, Urs Jacob  25 Dec 1800Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1214
41 von Arx, Urs Jodocus  28 Jul 1799Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1213


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berger, Johannes  2 Feb 1864Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1357
2 Bobst, Anna Elisabeth  15 Dec 1827Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3269
3 Bobst, Joannes  26 Apr 1862Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3266
4 Fluri, Anna Maria Magdalena  11 May 1839Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1165
5 Hammer, Anna Maria  13 Jan 1827Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I3239
6 Rieder, Victor  9 May 1864Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I576
7 von Arx, Joann Christen  25 Dec 1828Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I1211
8 Weibel, Catharina  17 Nov 1866Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland I457


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berger / Bobst  1 Oct 1811Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland F259
2 Bobst / Hammer  3 May 1784Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland F885
3 Bobst / Weibel  21 Jan 1817Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland F149
4 Rieder / Bobst  3 Feb 1818Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland F111
5 von Arx / Fluri  24 Apr 1797Oensingen, Solothurn, Switzerland F233