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Bern, Switzerland


Tree: Lina Stettler
Latitude: 46.9479222, Longitude: 7.4446085

Tree: Gottfried Jaggi
Latitude: 46.9479739, Longitude: 7.4474468


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wanzenried, Christian  Abt 20 Aug 1785Bern, Switzerland I2758 Lina Stettler 
2 Aeschbacher, Barbara  Abt 1660Bern, Switzerland I2840 Lina Stettler 
3 Burri, Susanna  Abt 1710Bern, Switzerland I2434 Gottfried Jaggi 
4 Glauser, Elsbeth  Abt 1690Bern, Switzerland I2229 Gottfried Jaggi 
5 Iseli, Anna  Abt 1615Bern, Switzerland I2843 Lina Stettler 
6 Käch, Madleni  Abt 1635Bern, Switzerland I2670 Lina Stettler 
7 Maurer, Bendicht  Abt 1765Bern, Switzerland I1769 Lina Stettler 
8 Ritz, Verena  Abt 1665Bern, Switzerland I2633 Lina Stettler 
9 Rohrer, Barbara  Abt 1725Bern, Switzerland I2567 Lina Stettler 
10 Schneider, Catharina  Abt 1679Bern, Switzerland I2240 Gottfried Jaggi 
11 Schärer, Magdalena  1750Bern, Switzerland I1784 Lina Stettler 
12 Sigrist, Elisabeth  1698Bern, Switzerland I2884 Lina Stettler 
13 Wälti, Maria  Abt 1790Bern, Switzerland I2661 Lina Stettler 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bachmann, Rosina Carolina  4 May 1890Bern, Switzerland I2275 Gottfried Jaggi 
2 Baumgartner, Rudolf  16 May 1901Bern, Switzerland I1855 Lina Stettler 
3 Beutler, Jakob  19 Nov 1883Bern, Switzerland I2376 Gottfried Jaggi 
4 Beutler, Jakob  7 May 1885Bern, Switzerland I2378 Gottfried Jaggi 
5 Blaser, Christian  31 Jan 1908Bern, Switzerland I2455 Gottfried Jaggi 
6 Blaser, Friedrich  16 Aug 1938Bern, Switzerland I2459 Gottfried Jaggi 
7 Bürki, Katherina  2 May 1885Bern, Switzerland I2053 Gottfried Jaggi 
8 Bürki, Magdalena  5 Apr 1927Bern, Switzerland I109 Gottfried Jaggi 
9 Bösiger, Johann  14 Dec 1859Bern, Switzerland I2977 Lina Stettler 
10 Christen, Elisabeth  19 Apr 1896Bern, Switzerland I2900 Gottfried Jaggi 
11 Christen, Friedrich  2 Mar 1903Bern, Switzerland I2901 Gottfried Jaggi 
12 Christen, Johannes  21 Sep 1861Bern, Switzerland I2899 Gottfried Jaggi 
13 Christen, Johannes  1919Bern, Switzerland I2366 Gottfried Jaggi 
14 Fahrni, Friedrich  13 Aug 1897Bern, Switzerland I1717 Lina Stettler 
15 Frauchiger, Johannes  19 Mar 1882Bern, Switzerland I1816 Lina Stettler 
16 Frauchiger, Peter  20 Oct 1883Bern, Switzerland I1810 Lina Stettler 
17 Frauchiger, Samuel Fredrich  14 Jan 1881Bern, Switzerland I1812 Lina Stettler 
18 Furhimann, Maria  1842Bern, Switzerland I1809 Lina Stettler 
19 Graber, Johann Ulrich  21 Sep 1874Bern, Switzerland I2288 Lina Stettler 
20 Grunder, Anna Maria  1 Apr 1897Bern, Switzerland I2279 Lina Stettler 
21 Grunder, Elisabeth  27 Aug 1905Bern, Switzerland I2281 Lina Stettler 
22 Güdel, Anna Barbara  29 Oct 1914Bern, Switzerland I2297 Lina Stettler 
23 Hunziker, Albert  27 Aug 1909Bern, Switzerland I1844 Lina Stettler 
24 Hunziker, Elias  10 Feb 1911Bern, Switzerland I1833 Lina Stettler 
25 Hunziker, Johann Adam  19 Jul 1877Bern, Switzerland I1828 Lina Stettler 
26 Iff, Andreas  3 Aug 1883Bern, Switzerland I2203 Lina Stettler 
27 Jufer, Anna Barbara  25 Dec 1877Bern, Switzerland I2549 Lina Stettler 
28 Jufer, Anna Katharina Ester  14 Feb 1889Bern, Switzerland I2555 Lina Stettler 
29 Jufer, Anna Maria  3 Mar 1892Bern, Switzerland I2554 Lina Stettler 
30 Jufer, Anna Maria  6 Oct 1893Bern, Switzerland I172 Lina Stettler 
31 Jufer, Gottlieb  13 Dec 1956Bern, Switzerland I1856 Lina Stettler 
32 Jufer, Jakob  13 Nov 1935Bern, Switzerland I171 Lina Stettler 
33 Jufer, Johann Jakob  31 Jan 1884Bern, Switzerland I2394 Lina Stettler 
34 Jufer, Katharina  23 Jan 1894Bern, Switzerland I2558 Lina Stettler 
35 Jufer, Ulrich  13 Feb 1888Bern, Switzerland I2553 Lina Stettler 
36 Jufer, Ulrich  6 Mar 1904Bern, Switzerland I2395 Lina Stettler 
37 Jäggi, Jakob  22 Mar 1910Bern, Switzerland I1996 Lina Stettler 
38 Leuenberger, Anna Barbara  11 Dec 1905Bern, Switzerland I2224 Lina Stettler 
39 Liechti, Andreas  1 Dec 1883Bern, Switzerland I2167 Gottfried Jaggi 
40 Liechti, Anna  18 Feb 1892Bern, Switzerland I2361 Gottfried Jaggi 
41 Liechti, Friedrich  16 Mar 1891Bern, Switzerland I2168 Gottfried Jaggi 
42 Liechti, Ulrich  23 Jul 1889Bern, Switzerland I2364 Gottfried Jaggi 
43 Morgenthaler, Anna Maria  19 May 1935Bern, Switzerland I2271 Lina Stettler 
44 Morgenthaler, Christian Niklaus  7 Dec 1928Bern, Switzerland I2267 Lina Stettler 
45 Morgenthaler, Elsie  13 May 1920Bern, Switzerland I2268 Lina Stettler 
46 Morgenthaler, Friedrich  9 Feb 1931Bern, Switzerland I2272 Lina Stettler 
47 Morgenthaler, Johann Niklaus  24 Jul 1913Bern, Switzerland I2265 Lina Stettler 
48 Morgenthaler, Johannes  Bef 1811Bern, Switzerland I1724 Lina Stettler 
49 Morgenthaler, Margaretha  6 Oct 1926Bern, Switzerland I2274 Lina Stettler 
50 Morgenthaler, Niklaus  18 Nov 1902Bern, Switzerland I2198 Lina Stettler 

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LDS Baptism

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    LDS Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bachmann, Marianna  1 Jan 1907Bern, Switzerland I2274 Gottfried Jaggi 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Häberli, Benedikt  Bern, Switzerland I1775 Lina Stettler 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Berger / Minder  1773Bern, Switzerland F706 Gottfried Jaggi 
2 Bürki / Bigler  Abt 1720Bern, Switzerland F730 Gottfried Jaggi 
3 Fahrni / Jufer  1876Bern, Switzerland F571 Lina Stettler 
4 Glauser / Iseli  Abt 1640Bern, Switzerland F787 Lina Stettler 
5 Güdel / Burri  Abt 1729Bern, Switzerland F725 Gottfried Jaggi 
6 Hunziker / Dällenbach  12 Dec 1857Bern, Switzerland F606 Lina Stettler 
7 Lüdi / Güdel  Abt 1752Bern, Switzerland F727 Gottfried Jaggi 
8 Maurer / Juker  Abt 1788Bern, Switzerland F589 Lina Stettler 
9 Maurer / Krebs  Abt 1718Bern, Switzerland F733 Lina Stettler 
10 Müller / Ritz  Abt 1687Bern, Switzerland F739 Lina Stettler 
11 Reist / Glauser  Abt 1710Bern, Switzerland F680 Gottfried Jaggi 
12 Schmitz / Schneider  Abt 1697Bern, Switzerland F684 Gottfried Jaggi