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Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland


Tree: Gottfried Jaggi

City/Town : Latitude: 47.1669971, Longitude: 7.63566420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Erni, Joannes  1701Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3338
2 Niggli, Anna Maria  2 Nov 1855Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2777
3 Niggli, Elisabeth  8 Dec 1851Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2775
4 Niggli, Franz  22 Mar 1869Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1472
5 Niggli, Gottfied  8 Nov 1867Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2781
6 Niggli, Johann Joseph  20 Feb 1842Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2693
7 Niggli, Joseph  18 Oct 1868Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1468
8 Niggli, Maria Anna  17 Sep 1854Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2776
9 Niggli, Meinrad  16 Apr 1864Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2780
10 Niggli, Meinrad Simon  6 Mar 1844Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2694
11 Niggli, Niklaus  6 Sep 1860Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2779
12 Niggli, Rosa  4 May 1859Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2778
13 Niggli, Xaver  1752Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2550
14 Niggli, Xaver Mauritz  16 Jan 1838Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2692
15 Niggli, Xoaer  23 Feb 1860Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I634
16 Schaer, Elise  1 Oct 1872Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I891


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bernhard, Maria Anna  22 Jan 1789Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1303
2 Erni, Anna Elisabeth  12 Feb 1751Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3349
3 Erni, Anna Maria  15 Jan 1739Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2626
4 Erni, Anna Maria  2 Feb 1763Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I285
5 Erni, Barbara  29 May 1740Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3344
6 Erni, Franz Xaver Joseph  21 Feb 1745Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3346
7 Erni, Hans Caspar  24 Oct 1736Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3343
8 Erni, Jacob  8 Sep 1742Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3345
9 Erni, Joann Georg  16 Feb 1734Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3342
10 Erni, Joannes  22 Jun 1732Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3341
11 Erni, Joseph  1 Jun 1727Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3339
12 Erni, Joseph  5 Nov 1747Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3347
13 Erni, Maria Barbara  29 Nov 1821Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I726
14 Erni, Maria Elisabeth  23 Jan 1749Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3348
15 Erni, Maria Joanna  28 Nov 1729Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3340
16 Gerber, Anna Maria  17 Apr 1823Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1148
17 Niggli, Barbara  11 Feb 1821Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2654
18 Niggli, Catharina  19 Jan 1819Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2657
19 Niggli, Francis Xaver Dominic  31 Jul 1834Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2691
20 Niggli, Joan Blasius  2 Feb 1783Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2554
21 Niggli, Joan Xaverius  25 Mar 1785Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2555
22 Niggli, Joannes Josef  3 Feb 1793Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2547
23 Niggli, Joannes Romuald  8 Feb 1781Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2553
24 Niggli, Maria Anna Catharina  8 Oct 1826Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2653
25 Niggli, Maria Barbara  12 Sep 1799Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2549
26 Niggli, Maria Elisabeth  31 Aug 1790Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2546
27 Niggli, Nicolaus Francis Georg  25 Oct 1829Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2658
28 Niggli, Nicolaus Meinrad  7 Mar 1822Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2655
29 Niggli, Urs Joseph  25 Feb 1796Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2548
30 Niggli, Urs Joseph Ignatins  12 Apr 1832Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2690
31 Niggli, Ursus Josef Nicolaus  8 Apr 1787Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2545
32 Niggli, Xaver  21 Dec 1823Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2656
33 Späti, Maria Elisabeth Julianna  23 May 1787Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I563
34 Stampfli, Joannes Mauritz  30 May 1785Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1678
35 Stampfli, Maria Elisabeth  5 Jun 1786Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1679


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Erni, Joannes  29 Jan 1733Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3341
2 Furer, Magdalena  7 Jun 1785Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2552
3 Jäggi, Maria Magdalena  1 Aug 1866Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2652
4 Misteli, Maria Barbara  13 Apr 1836Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I316
5 Niggli, Joannes Romuald  9 Feb 1781Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2553
6 Niggli, Nicolaus Francis Georg  14 Sep 1875Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2658
7 Niggli, Nicolaus Meinrad  11 Dec 1872Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2655
8 Niggli, Urs Joseph  14 Jun 1859Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2548
9 Niggli, Ursus Josef Nicolaus  14 Dec 1871Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2545
10 Niggli, Xaver  3 Feb 1812Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2550
11 Portmann, Joseph  13 Nov 1789Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2513
12 Späti, Joanna  3 Apr 1786Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3331
13 Stampfli, Nicolaus Joseph  20 Sep 1840Hersiwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1682