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Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Schläfli, Anna Maria  22 May 1852Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1486
2 Schläfli, Josef  29 Jan 1854Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1487
3 Steiner, Urs Joseph  Abt 1765Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3100


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Fluri, Maria Anna  17 Nov 1792Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1780
2 Kaufmann, Maria Elisabeth  9 Jun 1793Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I2828
3 Schläfli, Joannes  15 Jan 1813Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I527
4 Schläfli, Urs Joseph  24 Feb 1817Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1484
5 Steiner, Barbara  22 Jan 1714Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I339
6 Steiner, Elisabeth  7 Nov 1751Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I385
7 Steiner, Eva Julianna  12 Jan 1835Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I1467
8 Steiner, Margaritha  24 Jul 1827Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I647
9 Ziegler, Anna Maria  4 Oct 1779Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3649
10 Ziegler, Anna Maria  2 May 1781Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3650
11 Ziegler, Anna Maria Barbara  6 Jun 1783Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3651
12 Ziegler, Magdalena  2 Jun 1789Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3653
13 Ziegler, Maria Anna  8 Dec 1791Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3654
14 Ziegler, Maria Elisabeth  8 Feb 1776Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3647
15 Ziegler, Maria Elisabeth  10 Aug 1777Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3648
16 Ziegler, Maria Ursula Barbara  6 Mar 1787Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3652
17 Ziegler, Urs Joseph  17 Sep 1751Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3646


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Stampfli, Maria Barbara  21 Apr 1816Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3628
2 Ziegler, Anna Maria  2 Jun 1780Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3649
3 Ziegler, Maria Elisabeth  23 Oct 1777Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3647
4 Ziegler, Urs Joseph  27 Apr 1824Horriwil, Solothurn, Switzerland I3646