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Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland


Tree: Lina Stettler
City/Town : Latitude: 47.1666667, Longitude: 7.8


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ammann, Anna  1736Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1898 Lina Stettler 
2 Bützberger, Ulrich  Abt 1778Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2563 Lina Stettler 
3 Jäggi, Elisabeth  13 Oct 1819Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1995 Lina Stettler 
4 Jäggi, Jakob  15 Apr 1822Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1996 Lina Stettler 
5 Jäggi, Johann Ulrich  25 Jan 1832Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1998 Lina Stettler 
6 Jäggi, Johannes  16 Jul 1826Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1997 Lina Stettler 
7 Jäggi, Katherina  13 Feb 1831Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1980 Lina Stettler 
8 Ladermann, Jakob  Abt 1775Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1977 Lina Stettler 
9 Wälchli, Margreth  Abt 1660Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2420 Lina Stettler 
10 Zulliger, Peter  Abt 1760Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3017 Lina Stettler 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ammann, Elisabeth  16 Sep 1773Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3016 Lina Stettler 
2 Frauchiger, Catharina  13 Apr 1788Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2171 Lina Stettler 
3 Güdel, Anna  16 Apr 1779Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1869 Lina Stettler 
4 Güdel, Anna Maria  14 Dec 1766Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1864 Lina Stettler 
5 Güdel, Anna Maria  07 Aug 1768Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1865 Lina Stettler 
6 Güdel, Elisabeth  17 Dec 1775Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1868 Lina Stettler 
7 Güdel, Elisabeth  13 May 1781Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1870 Lina Stettler 
8 Güdel, Hans Ulrich  07 Oct 1770Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1866 Lina Stettler 
9 Güdel, Jakob  19 Sep 1773Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1867 Lina Stettler 
10 Güdel, Magdalena  03 Mar 1765Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1863 Lina Stettler 
11 Güdel, Ulrich  17 Feb 1737Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1805 Lina Stettler 
12 Jufer, Hans Jakob  19 Feb 1775Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1786 Lina Stettler 
13 Jäggi, Andreas Daniel  08 Sep 1754Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1793 Lina Stettler 
14 Jäggi, Catharina  7 Sep 1766Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3014 Lina Stettler 
15 Jäggi, Daniel  24 Jan 1796Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1794 Lina Stettler 
16 Jäggi, Elisabeth  26 Dec 1773Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3015 Lina Stettler 
17 Jäggi, Elisabeth  17 Feb 1799Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1795 Lina Stettler 
18 Jäggi, Jacob  12 Feb 1730Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3012 Lina Stettler 
19 Jäggi, Johann Jacob  18 May 1760Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3013 Lina Stettler 
20 Jäggi, Margaretha  7 Dec 1760Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2170 Lina Stettler 
21 Lädermann, Andreas  05 Sep 1784Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1824 Lina Stettler 
22 Lädermann, Andreas  21 Dec 1794Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1999 Lina Stettler 
23 Morgenthaler, Anna  19 Aug 1787Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2177 Lina Stettler 
24 Morgenthaler, Anna Barbara  25 Apr 1790Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2178 Lina Stettler 
25 Morgenthaler, Anna Barbara  12 Aug 1798Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2180 Lina Stettler 
26 Morgenthaler, Anna Maria  19 Dec 1784Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2176 Lina Stettler 
27 Morgenthaler, Elisabeth  13 Feb 1780Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2175 Lina Stettler 
28 Morgenthaler, Hans Ulrich  7 Feb 1777Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2174 Lina Stettler 
29 Morgenthaler, Johannes  1 Dec 1793Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2179 Lina Stettler 
30 Schär, Johannes  14 Nov 1773Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2402 Lina Stettler 
31 Zulliger, Anna  6 Apr 1732Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2208 Lina Stettler 
32 Zulliger, Barbara  10 Nov 1700Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2205 Lina Stettler 
33 Zulliger, Catharina  5 Jun 1739Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2209 Lina Stettler 
34 Zulliger, Catharina  23 Feb 1766Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3022 Lina Stettler 
35 Zulliger, Elisabeth  16 Aug 1722Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1987 Lina Stettler 
36 Zulliger, Jacob  28 Dec 1721Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3020 Lina Stettler 
37 Zulliger, Johannes  7 Sep 1755Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3021 Lina Stettler 
38 Zulliger, Johannes  4 Apr 1798Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3040 Lina Stettler 
39 Zulliger, Joseph  24 Aug 1690Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2204 Lina Stettler 
40 Zulliger, Maria  6 Aug 1724Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2206 Lina Stettler 
41 Zulliger, Maria  18 May 1727Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2207 Lina Stettler 
42 Zulliger, Maria  15 Jan 1792Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3037 Lina Stettler 
43 Zulliger, Vreni  3 Feb 1704Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3019 Lina Stettler 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ammann, Elisabeth  18 Apr 1843Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3016 Lina Stettler 
2 Frauchiger, Anna Barbara  01 Apr 1812Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1803 Lina Stettler 
3 Frauchiger, Barbara  07 Mar 1836Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1723 Lina Stettler 
4 Güdel, Anna Maria  21 Dec 1766Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1864 Lina Stettler 
5 Güdel, Elisabeth  6 Aug 1850Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1870 Lina Stettler 
6 Güdel, Jakob  27 Mar 1826Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1867 Lina Stettler 
7 Jäggi, Andreas Daniel  20 Feb 1815Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1793 Lina Stettler 
8 Jäggi, Daniel  18 Dec 1859Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1794 Lina Stettler 
9 Jäggi, Elisabeth  3 Dec 1816Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3015 Lina Stettler 
10 Jäggi, Jacob  15 Aug 1797Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3012 Lina Stettler 
11 Jäggi, Johann Ulrich  1 Jan 1862Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1998 Lina Stettler 
12 Kämpfer, Anna Maria  18 Nov 1853Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1994 Lina Stettler 
13 Uhlmann, Elisabeth  18 Dec 1804Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2173 Lina Stettler 
14 Zulliger, Anna  26 Sep 1795Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2208 Lina Stettler 
15 Zulliger, Catharina  22 May 1768Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3022 Lina Stettler 
16 Zulliger, Johannes  24 Feb 1817Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I3021 Lina Stettler 
17 Zulliger, Joseph  3 Mar 1764Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2204 Lina Stettler 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jäggi / Ammann  14 Jan 1796Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F827 Lina Stettler 
2 Jäggi / Frauchiger  04 Dec 1795Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F593 Lina Stettler 
3 Jäggi / Kämpfer  25 Jun 1819Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F625 Lina Stettler 
4 Lädermann / Jäggi  23 Mar 1821Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F626 Lina Stettler 
5 Lädermann / Morgenthaler  18 Jan 1811Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F602 Lina Stettler 
6 Morgenthaler / Zulliger  10 Nov 1747Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F623 Lina Stettler 
7 Ryser / Frauchiger  14 Feb 1783Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F658 Lina Stettler 
8 Zulliger / Flückiger  19 Mar 1790Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F834 Lina Stettler 
9 Zulliger / Steiner  8 Dec 1699Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F828 Lina Stettler 
10 Zulliger / Zulliger  21 Jul 1721Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F666 Lina Stettler 
11 Zulliger / Zulliger  27 Jul 1752Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland F829 Lina Stettler