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Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jäggi, Urs Joseph  27 Jan 1842Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1511
2 Luterbacher, Franz Paul  16 Aug 1850Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1393
3 Luterbacher, Magdalena  11 Jun 1854Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1395
4 Luterbacher, Maria Catharina  26 Mar 1852Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1394
5 Luterbacher, Nicolai  Abt 1766Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I449
6 Luterbacher, Philip  20 Apr 1849Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1392
7 Stampfli, Joannes Joseph  Abt 1765Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1000
8 Strausack, Urs Josef Emil  21 Oct 1855Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Luterbacher, Anna Catharina  30 Oct 1800Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I997
2 Luterbacher, Anna Maria  6 Jan 1798Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I995
3 Luterbacher, Anna Maria  25 May 1799Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I996
4 Luterbacher, Joannes Joseph Othmar  15 Nov 1801Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I998
5 Luterbacher, Nicolaus  10 May 1807Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1384
6 Luterbacher, Petrus  16 Mar 1804Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I999
7 Stampfli, Christian  14 Aug 1794Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1003
8 Stampfli, Christian Narciss  17 Mar 1798Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1004
9 Stampfli, Elisabeth Nicolaa  5 Dec 1791Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1001
10 Stampfli, Maria Anna  30 Jun 1800Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1005
11 Stampfli, Urs Victor Antoni  16 Jan 1793Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1002
12 Strausack, Anna  1 Oct 1795Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3141
13 Strausack, Anna Elisabeth  29 Oct 1803Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3144
14 Strausack, Anna Maria  6 Apr 1798Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3142
15 Strausack, Jakob Simplic  1 Mar 1806Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3145
16 Strausack, Johann Joseph  27 Feb 1789Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3139
17 Strausack, Johannes Patric  15 Mar 1792Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3140
18 Strausack, Joseph  16 Jan 1764Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3137
19 Strausack, Joseph Stephan  25 Dec 1800Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3143
20 Strausack, Maria Anna  4 Aug 1786Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3138
21 Strausack, Maria Elisabeth  24 Apr 1825Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1210
22 Strausack, Urs Victor Joseph  29 Mar 1823Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1209
23 Strausack, Victor  12 Oct 1821Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1208
24 Stuber, Maria Anna  21 Mar 1799Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Belser, Magdalena  6 Dec 1808Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I364
2 Belser, Maria Anna  11 Apr 1816Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I360
3 Brotschi, Magdalena  4 Jun 1848Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1385
4 Jäggi, Maria Anna  28 Aug 1779Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I336
5 Luterbacher, Joannes Joseph Othmar  23 Dec 1866Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I998
6 Luterbacher, Nicolai  19 Feb 1840Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I449
7 Stampfli, Maria Anna  11 Nov 1817Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I1005
8 Strausack, Anna  26 Feb 1799Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3141
9 Strausack, Anna Elisabeth  21 May 1818Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3144
10 Strausack, Jakob Simplic  10 Apr 1806Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3145
11 Strausack, Joseph  2 May 1807Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3137
12 Strähl, Anna Elisabeth  8 Mar 1806Lohn, Solothurn, Switzerland I3136