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1 Children of Fenn Scoggins of Ipswich This is a family of Scoggins that lived in Ipswich beginning about 1780. It is unknown how they connect into the Coddenham, Otley, Stowmarket, or Badingham branches. Updated from gedcom on computer  61 11 5 
2 Children of Rebecca Scogings of Bruisyard Rebecca born about 1800, not in the parish registers, married James Nichols in Bruisyard; had seven children 0 0 0 
3 Children of Richard Lord and Deborah Hagar Richard and Deborah married in 1750 and had many children and descendants. This line connects into the tree when Elizabeth Lord (1756-1835) married Thomas Scoging 389 94 18 
4 Children of Robert Scoging and Elizabeth Rawling This tree explores the children of Robert Scoging and Elizabeth Rawling that migrated to London 189 55 27 
5 Craignair Club in Barre Vermont started 1902 The club was created in 1902 in Barre, Vermont. It was for those granite workers and others that immigrated from Dalbeattie, Scotland.  28 6 0 
6 Descendants of Thomas Scoging 1709 - 1788 All the descendants and ancestors of Thomas Scoging, who was born in 1709 in the parish of Framsden, Suffolk, England; and died in 1788 in the parish of Badingham, Suffolk, England; also his wife Elizabeth Flory with select branches into other direct line ancestors.  4,251 1,159 244 
7 Descendants William Bye 1761 - 1831 William Bye a direct line ancestor, father of Mary Bye who married Philip Scoggins in 1814 205 64 9 
8 Francis Marion Hyatt Those that descend from Francis Marion Hyatt and Fannie Briscoe. They lived in Alabama 444 118 8 
9 Oswalds in Dysart This family appears to be connected to Robert Oswald of Abbotshall 29 10 6 
10 Richard Scogings 1787-1853 Those that descend from Richard Scogings and Mary Ann Burns who married in London abt 1810. Richard was born in Badingham 320 107 9 
11 Samuel Scoggins 1801 Bruisyard Samuel Scoggins born 1801 in Bruisyard, it has yet to be determined how he connects into the tree.  69 19 6 
12 Scoggin from Coddenham Branch of Scoggin's which begins in the 1750's with the marriage of Philip Scoggin to Mary Tyler. In later generations they adopted the surname Scoging's 184 52 11 
13 Scoggins from Stowmarket This is a family of Scoggins that lived in Stowmarket beginning about 1785. It is unknown how they connect into the Coddenham, Otley, or Badingham branches. Updated from gedcom on computer  286 64 14 
14 test test tree 0 0 0 
15 Winnifred Mackenzie Her genealogy extends back into Scotland, Ireland, and England 996 319 148