John James Mackenzie 1867-1920

BARRE DAILY TIMES Saturday, August 11, 1906
M'KENZIE NOMINATED Is Labor Candidate for Representative

Three Candidates for Justice of Peace : Named and Campaign Committee Selected :A Well Attended Caucus : The caucus of labor unionist in the opera house last evening selected John J. Mckenzie as their candidate for representative on the third ballot. The caucus was attended by about 150 voters and was characterized by the earnestness and the lack of friction, although four names were presented to it for consideration for the representative nomination, and three ballots were taken before a selection was made. The caucus was called to order by James Crulchbank, president of the Central Labor union. He was elected chairman and James Mutch was elected secretary. The proposed rules to govern the caucus as printed in yesterday's Times, were adopted after a proposed amendment was lost. On motion of J. P. Marr it was voted to add to the order of business the selection of a justice of the peace ticket. The caucus then proceeded to the selection af a candidate for representative. William Brown presented the name of James McAdam; George Weeks presented the name of L.L. Robbins; James F. Sadier presented the name of John J. Mckenzie; S.R. Doty presented the name of Martin Riley and John Callaguan presented.......
Tellers were appointed and a ballot taken with this result. Total vote 133; James McAdam 56; L. L. Robbins 11; John J. Mckenzie 43; Martin Riley 23; As a majority vote was neccesary to nominate, a second ballot 'was taken with this result: TotaL Vote 133; James McAdam 56; L. L. Robbins 4; J. J. Mckenzie 55; Martin Riley 18; There being no choice on this ballot, a third was taken as follows: Total Vote 123; James McAdam 52; Martin Riley 7; J. J. Mckenzie 64; And Mr. Mckenzie was declared the nominee. On motion of Fred Bruce the choice was made unanimous. The following campaign committee was chosen; Michael Keefe, David Boyce, L. L. Robbins, Fred Bruce, Martin Riley, George Riddle, J. F. Sadier, Daniel Sullivan, A. Rottinelli, J. V. Stevens and G. Gregoire.
A newspaper article on Feb 14 1906 that has John James Mackenzie and Samuel Holister Jackson next to each other on unrelated issues 6 months before they ran against each other for the state legislature.
A newspaper article on August 11 1906 John James Mckenzie nominated by Labor caucus to be parties candidate.
An article September 4 1906; No Election on first ballot Jackson leads by 8 votes.
An article September 4 1906; Election Extra 7 p.m. newspaper edition Jackson Elected Representative by majority of 16 votes.