Arab, Marshall, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Weaver, Buell Euclid  11 Feb 1916Arab, Marshall, Alabama I186
2 Light, Vila Wease  8 Nov 1921Arab, Marshall, Alabama I162
3 Light, Ulus Gilbert  13 Jun 1919Arab, Marshall, Alabama I35
4 Light, Standle  28 Nov 1930Arab, Marshall, Alabama I166
5 Light, Roy Wesley  4 May 1929Arab, Marshall, Alabama I165
6 Light, Marcus Wesley  20 Mar 1897Arab, Marshall, Alabama I158
7 Light, Gracie Mae  20 May 1920Arab, Marshall, Alabama I161
8 Light, Dimple Marie  9 Aug 1925Arab, Marshall, Alabama I164
9 Light, Dessie Lou Vena  12 Oct 1917Arab, Marshall, Alabama I159
10 Light, David Owen  23 Nov 1918Arab, Marshall, Alabama I160
11 Light, Carrie Hester  30 Sep 1895Arab, Marshall, Alabama I151
12 Light, Bobby Wadus  27 Aug 1936Arab, Marshall, Alabama I168
13 Hyatt, Winnie Emmaline  Feb 1891Arab, Marshall, Alabama I6
14 Hyatt, William Leonard  23 Sep 1889Arab, Marshall, Alabama I5
15 Hyatt, Novell Farris  19 Dec 1916Arab, Marshall, Alabama I153
16 Hyatt, Nancy Malinda  23 Mar 1895Arab, Marshall, Alabama I9
17 Hyatt, Mary Tisabeth  10 May 1886Arab, Marshall, Alabama I3
18 Hyatt, Mandy Leora  11 Jun 1893Arab, Marshall, Alabama I8
19 Hyatt, LeRoy  20 Sep 1919Arab, Marshall, Alabama I29
20 Hyatt, James Thomas  21 Nov 1892Arab, Marshall, Alabama I7
21 Hyatt, Frances Cathryn  5 Nov 1918Arab, Marshall, Alabama I154
22 Hyatt, Dilmus Doyal  8 Dec 1913Arab, Marshall, Alabama I152
23 Hyatt, David Franklin  7 Aug 1898Arab, Marshall, Alabama I10
24 Hyatt, Daniel Van Buren  Mar 1888Arab, Marshall, Alabama I4
25 Hyatt, Annie Ola  30 Nov 1900Arab, Marshall, Alabama I11
26 Briscoe, Frances  30 Aug 1866Arab, Marshall, Alabama I185
27 Ashburn, Amber Nicole  17 Jun 1984Arab, Marshall, Alabama I195


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Weaver, Buell Euclid  19 Sep 1998Arab, Marshall, Alabama I186
2 Thompson, Huell  6 Dec 1992Arab, Marshall, Alabama I23
3 Randolph, Fannie  26 Dec 1981Arab, Marshall, Alabama I224
4 Manning, Veda Jane  10 Dec 2006Arab, Marshall, Alabama I51
5 Light, Ulus Gilbert  23 Jan 1987Arab, Marshall, Alabama I35
6 Light, Standle  20 Apr 1931Arab, Marshall, Alabama I166
7 Light, Marcus Wesley  24 Jun 1973Arab, Marshall, Alabama I158
8 Light, Gracie Mae  23 May 1995Arab, Marshall, Alabama I161
9 Light, Elvin Tillman  18 Feb 2004Arab, Marshall, Alabama I38
10 Light, Elbert Tillman  23 Oct 1972Arab, Marshall, Alabama I33
11 Light, Dimple Marie  11 Sep 1987Arab, Marshall, Alabama I164
12 Light, David Owen  15 Jan 1981Arab, Marshall, Alabama I160
13 Light, Carrie Hester  22 Jan 1992Arab, Marshall, Alabama I151
14 Hyatt, Winnie Emmaline  Arab, Marshall, Alabama I6
15 Hyatt, William Martin  1933Arab, Marshall, Alabama I321
16 Hyatt, William Leonard  9 Sep 1970Arab, Marshall, Alabama I5
17 Hyatt, Seaborn Ivy  15 Apr 1950Arab, Marshall, Alabama I323
18 Hyatt, Samuel Lewis  23 Jan 1967Arab, Marshall, Alabama I329
19 Hyatt, Nancy Malinda  11 Feb 1987Arab, Marshall, Alabama I9
20 Hyatt, Mary Tisabeth  31 Aug 1977Arab, Marshall, Alabama I3
21 Hyatt, James Thomas  7 Dec 1966Arab, Marshall, Alabama I7
22 Hyatt, James Robert  30 Apr 1955Arab, Marshall, Alabama I325
23 Hyatt, Dilmus Doyal  12 Aug 1965Arab, Marshall, Alabama I152
24 Hyatt, David Franklin  19 May 1966Arab, Marshall, Alabama I10
25 Hyatt, Daniel Van Buren  Jan 1953Arab, Marshall, Alabama I4
26 Hyatt, Daniel Greenberry  07 Mar 1939Arab, Marshall, Alabama I322
27 Garner, Emma A.  7 Dec 1953Arab, Marshall, Alabama I32
28 Briscoe, Frances  30 Mar 1937Arab, Marshall, Alabama I185
29 Briscoe, Evelyn Dorothy  10 May 2000Arab, Marshall, Alabama I60
30 Ashburn, Amber Nicole  17 Jun 1984Arab, Marshall, Alabama I195


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Light / Hyatt  4 Dec 1916Arab, Marshall, Alabama F8
2 Brown / Hyatt  24 Dec 1916Arab, Marshall, Alabama F65