Suffolk, England


Tree: Descendants William Bye 1761 - 1831
Latitude: 52.1872472, Longitude: 0.9707801


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anne  Abt 1720Suffolk, England I5167
2 Deborah  Abt 1703Suffolk, England I3857
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1676Suffolk, England I25
4 Elizabeth  Abt 1745Suffolk, England I5403
5 Mary  Abt 1710Suffolk, England I4990
6 Mary  Abt 1725Suffolk, England I5101
7 Rachael  Abt 1640Suffolk, England I4723
8 Sarah  1760Suffolk, England I8377
9 Marjoram, Richard  1736Suffolk, England I5266
10 Alliston, Henry  1819Suffolk, England I4580
11 Barker, Sarah Ann  Abt 1810Suffolk, England I3807
12 Battle, George  Abt 1680Suffolk, England I4986
13 Benham, William  Abt 1800Suffolk, England I5103
14 Berry, John  1808Suffolk, England I8867
15 Billiner, Mary Ann  1842Suffolk, England I2339
16 Bird, William  1811Suffolk, England I3855
17 Bloom, Frances  1806Suffolk, England I7156
18 Boon, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Suffolk, England I4526
19 Booth, William  Abt 1796Suffolk, England I5190
20 Broom, Henry  Abt 1700Suffolk, England I5162
21 Broom, Mary  Abt 1724Suffolk, England I5161
22 Bye, William  1761Suffolk, England I1257
23 Bye, William  1761Suffolk, England I1257
24 Cole, John  Abt 1800Suffolk, England I3142
25 Collins, Rebecca  Abt 1807Suffolk, England I4574
26 Criswell, Harriet  Abt 1783Suffolk, England I5377
27 Davey, Mary  Abt 1803Suffolk, England I5210
28 Davey, Richard  1769Suffolk, England I5191
29 Diaper, Mary  1796Suffolk, England I6920
30 Downing, Ursula  Abt 1645Suffolk, England I4962
31 Durham, Saumel  Abt 1800Suffolk, England I5228
32 Emmerson, James  Abt 1748Suffolk, England I5165
33 Farman, William  1812Suffolk, England I5000
34 Flory, Elizabeth  Abt 1750Suffolk, England I5171
35 Flory, James  sailor 1801Suffolk, England I4532
36 Flurry, John  Abt 1640Suffolk, England I4722
37 Foreman, Mary Ann  1820Suffolk, England I4794
38 Garrard, Elizabeth  Abt 1760Suffolk, England I5176
39 Gildersleve, James  Abt 1645Suffolk, England I4961
40 Gladwell, Martha  1764Suffolk, England I4799
41 Graystone, Daniel  Abt 1778Suffolk, England I5395
42 Graystone, Nathaniel  Abt 1780Suffolk, England I5376
43 Haggar, Thomas  Abt 1695Suffolk, England I3856
44 Hunt, Wright  Abt 1748Suffolk, England I5401
45 Lappage, Thomas  1781Suffolk, England I5188
46 Ling, Elizabeth  Abt 1758Suffolk, England I4520
47 Mortimer, Samuel  Abt 1760Suffolk, England I5400
48 Newson, James  Abt 1748Suffolk, England I5261
49 Norman, Joseph  1803Suffolk, England I5189
50 Poacher, Harriet Susan  Abt 1822Suffolk, England I4476

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Banham, Diana  4 Mar 1835Suffolk, England I6944
2 Colson, Deborah  26 May 1817Suffolk, England I6987
3 Colson, Honor  11 Apr 1815Suffolk, England I6988
4 Dent, Allen Colson  27 May 1855Suffolk, England I6983
5 Dent, Charles  27 May 1855Suffolk, England I6984
6 Edwards, Henrietta  20 Sep 1874Suffolk, England I4756
7 Flory, Amy Anne  07 Jan 1849Suffolk, England I3625
8 Page, William  Abt 1761Suffolk, England I5244
9 Scoggins, Ellen  8 Mar 1857Suffolk, England I7008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Aft 1710Suffolk, England I25
2 Marjoram, Hannah  1868Suffolk, England I5278
3 Andrews, Mary  1907Suffolk, England I4198
4 Bird, Sarah  1907Suffolk, England I3853
5 Bird, William  Bef 1848Suffolk, England I3855
6 Bye, Eliza  1907Suffolk, England I8889
7 Bye, Ephraim  1944Suffolk, England I8878
8 Bye, Esther  1930Suffolk, England I8739
9 Bye, William  1857Suffolk, England I8858
10 Bye, William  1904Suffolk, England I8883
11 Coock, Ruth  1887Suffolk, England I5287
12 Eagle, John  1937Suffolk, England I3400
13 Flory, Benjamin  1902Suffolk, England I4572
14 Flory, Elizabeth  1810Suffolk, England I5222
15 Flory, Mary  1924Suffolk, England I4199
16 Flory, Mary Ann  1936Suffolk, England I3612
17 Flory, Robert  1906Suffolk, England I3563
18 Flory, Walter  1931Suffolk, England I4202
19 Ford, Nicholas  1926Suffolk, England I3914
20 Godbold, Caroline  1926Suffolk, England I2582
21 Johnson, Hannah  1909Suffolk, England I4228
22 Ling, Elizabeth  Bef 1790Suffolk, England I4520
23 Ostler, Albert John  1886Suffolk, England I4882
24 Ostler, Ellen  1907Suffolk, England I4884
25 Ostler, William Charles  1904Suffolk, England I4881
26 Oxborrow, Benjamin  1888Suffolk, England I4183
27 Oxborrow, Louisa  1914Suffolk, England I3675
28 Pierson, Sarah  1908Suffolk, England I8747
29 Poacher, Harriet Susan  1846Suffolk, England I4476
30 Pryke, Jemima  1869Suffolk, England I8905
31 Scoggins, Anne  1907Suffolk, England I1626
32 Scoggins, David  1923Suffolk, England I1719
33 Seaman, Dinah  1857Suffolk, England I5121
34 Seaman, Eliza  1908Suffolk, England I5134
35 Seaman, Philip  1864Suffolk, England I5119
36 Taylor, Mary  1916Suffolk, England I5132
37 Thurston, Charles  1912Suffolk, England I1810
38 Warren, Athalinda  1910Suffolk, England I8903


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    NAME    Person ID 
1 Backler, James  Suffolk, England I4987


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Backler /   Abt 1731Suffolk, England F1384
2 Bye /   Abt 1836Suffolk, England F2856
3 Flory /   Abt 1741Suffolk, England F1426
4 Flory /   Abt 1754Suffolk, England F1407
5 Friend / Bye  1856Suffolk, England F2836
6 Friend / Bye  1858Suffolk, England F2821
7 Gallant / Banham  1881Suffolk, England F2213
8 Haggar /   Abt 1723Suffolk, England F1112
9 Hunt /   Abt 1768Suffolk, England F1497
10 Leggett / Marjoram  Abt 1801Suffolk, England F1492
11 Scoggins / Buckle  1851Suffolk, England F2208
12 Scoggins / Walton  1851Suffolk, England F2215
13 Smyth / Flory  Abt 1775Suffolk, England F1435
14 Stannard / Boyles  1883Suffolk, England F2858