Brighton, Sussex, England


Tree: Descendants of Thomas Scoging 1709 - 1788
City/Town : Latitude: 50.8197155, Longitude: -0.1365716

Tree: Richard Scogings 1787-1853
City/Town : Latitude: 50.819522, Longitude: -0.13642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah A  1824Brighton, Sussex, England I2708
2 Awcock, Alice  1883Brighton, Sussex, England I5046
3 Awcock, Frederick G  1879Brighton, Sussex, England I5044
4 Awcock, Lydia A  1880Brighton, Sussex, England I5045
5 Awcock, Richard  1886Brighton, Sussex, England I5048
6 Awcock, Sarah I  1884Brighton, Sussex, England I5047
7 Clifford, Albert  1883Brighton, Sussex, England I3927
8 Clifford, Arthur W  1882Brighton, Sussex, England I3926
9 Clifford, Ernest  1893Brighton, Sussex, England I3929
10 Clifford, George  1824Brighton, Sussex, England I2707
11 Clifford, John Arthur  Brighton, Sussex, England I2702
12 Clifford, Olive G  1890Brighton, Sussex, England I3928
13 Dorrington, Edward  1860Brighton, Sussex, England I1495
14 Dorrington, Harry  1859Brighton, Sussex, England I1494
15 Dorrington, Susan  15 Dec 1855Brighton, Sussex, England I1200
16 Hallett, Alfred  1859Brighton, Sussex, England I185
17 Hallett, William  1887Brighton, Sussex, England I186
18 Harris, Annie  1869Brighton, Sussex, England I5058
19 Harris, Eliza  1865Brighton, Sussex, England I5055
20 Harris, Ellen  1866Brighton, Sussex, England I5056
21 Harris, George  1868Brighton, Sussex, England I5057
22 Harris, Harry  26 Dec 1873Brighton, Sussex, England I5061
23 Harris, Horace  1887Brighton, Sussex, England I5066
24 Harris, Kate  1872Brighton, Sussex, England I5060
25 Harris, Rose  1871Brighton, Sussex, England I5059
26 Harris, Walter  1880Brighton, Sussex, England I5065
27 Huggett, Henry  1869Brighton, Sussex, England I3210
28 Huggett, Sarah  1879Brighton, Sussex, England I3213
29 Huggett, William  1871Brighton, Sussex, England I3211
30 Moore, George  1855Brighton, Sussex, England I3623
31 Scroggins, Alice Grace  1 Sep 1865Brighton, Sussex, England I1286
32 Scroggins, Anne  11 Jun 1859Brighton, Sussex, England I1221
33 Scroggins, Annie Laura  15 Oct 1892Brighton, Sussex, England I1204
34 Scroggins, Arthur Ernest  5 Jul 1894Brighton, Sussex, England I1212
35 Scroggins, Bessie Gertrude  25 May 1896Brighton, Sussex, England I1213
36 Scroggins, Charles James  1880Brighton, Sussex, England I1225
37 Scroggins, Ethel North  29 May 1880Brighton, Sussex, England I1209
38 Scroggins, George James  5 Jul 1881Brighton, Sussex, England I1214
39 Scroggins, Hannah North  07 Jun 1857Brighton, Sussex, England I1220
40 Scroggins, Maria Hephzibah  1864Brighton, Sussex, England I1285
41 Scroggins, Thomas Herbert North  16 May 1853Brighton, Sussex, England I616
42 Scroggins, Thomas Philip  1877Brighton, Sussex, England I1224
43 Scroggins, William  15 Jun 1855Brighton, Sussex, England I1219
44 Smith, Elizabeth  1872Brighton, Sussex, England I1278


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Clifford, John Arthur  5 Sep 1856Brighton, Sussex, England I2702
2 Williams, Marion Rosien  25 Oct 1854Brighton, Sussex, England I82


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Creighton, Joseph  24 Feb 1932Brighton, Sussex, England I408
2 Everett, Herbert James  12 Nov 1965Brighton, Sussex, England I1511
3 Harris, Absalom  1927Brighton, Sussex, England I2569
4 Harris, Harry  1875Brighton, Sussex, England I5061
5 Harris, Rose  1872Brighton, Sussex, England I5059
6 Harris, Rose Mary  1879Brighton, Sussex, England I5064
7 Haward, Eliza  22 Oct 1866Brighton, Sussex, England I601
8 Huggett, Caroline  1889Brighton, Sussex, England I2451
9 Huggett, Tom  4 May 1929Brighton, Sussex, England I2738
10 Jelly, Rosetta  6 Sep 1938Brighton, Sussex, England I1863
11 Peck, Wheeler Hilda M  1953Brighton, Sussex, England I3396
12 Scoggins, Philip  27 Apr 1868Brighton, Sussex, England I600
13 Scoging, Ruth Edna  30 Nov 1991Brighton, Sussex, England I155
14 Scoging, Sarah Elizabeth  1963Brighton, Sussex, England I100
15 Scogings, Henry Joseph  10 Sep 1945Brighton, Sussex, England I5331
16 Scroggins, Annie Laura  21 Jan 1966Brighton, Sussex, England I1204
17 Scroggins, Bessie Gertrude  28 Jul 1897Brighton, Sussex, England I1213
18 Scroggins, Ethel North  02 Dec 1929Brighton, Sussex, England I1209
19 Scroggins, Hannah North  7 Dec 1942Brighton, Sussex, England I1220
20 Scroggins, James Robert Dudley North  23 Sep 1934Brighton, Sussex, England I1201
21 Scroggins, Robert  1974Brighton, Sussex, England I3374
22 Vincent, Jeanetta Theresa A  1909Brighton, Sussex, England I1512


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Scroggins, Eliza  1871Brighton, Sussex, England I615
2 Scroggins, Thomas Herbert North  1881Brighton, Sussex, England I616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Scroggins, Annie Laura  13 May 1966Brighton, Sussex, England I1204


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Awcock / Huggett  1878Brighton, Sussex, England F1395
2 Smith / Scroggins  2 Nov 1869Brighton, Sussex, England F410
3 Snow / Scogings  9 Dec 1942Brighton, Sussex, England F8724