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An outline of the Urr Militia 1802, 1808

Parish Church of Urr

1802 Ballot List

Those who were born between 1757 and 1784 are in the ballot list. In 1802 this would mean those that were 18 to 45 years old. There were some exemptions from the ballot. The most noteable exemptions were; teachers, doctors, men under a certain height (5'4"), and men serving in the volunteer company. The list includes 163 men in the parish. These men were eligible to be forced or conscripted into the military. The names of those that were concripted into the military were published in the newspaper. The two newspapers that were publishing at the time were in Dumfries and Wigtown.

1808 Volunteer Militia

The Urr volunteer company consists of men from the parish of Urr and nearby parishes; Buittle, Kirkgunzeon, Kelton, Colvend. It has additional details about each volunteer that are not found in the ballot lists. The additional details that are in the list is the age, height and maritial status and how many children if married. There is a supplemental description list that records the complexion, hair color, eye color, and make or body build of each volunteer.
There are eightytwo men listed in the Volunteer list.
There are lists simular to this one for many of the parishes in the county at the National Archives of Scotland.

1841 1851 Census Analysis

How many of these men could be alive during the census years of 1841 and 1851. It was some 40 to 50 years after the record was created. In 1841 there were 167 men in the parish that were born between 1757 and 1784 which is about 12% of the male population. There were three army pensioners; George Blair, David McMickin, and John Thomson.
In 1851 there were 213 males born between 1757 and 1784 which is about 12% of the population. Out of those 213, there were 94 who were born in the parish. For those born in the parish of Urr but not living in the parish there were 51 males. Of those 51, 40 were living in Kirkcudbrightshire and 8 in Dumfrieshire.
These statistics were derived from the search capacity to search Scottish census records. A search for birthplaces is possible for 1851 and thereafter.

A list at the archives Near Dalbeattie