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51 Anna Wanzenried, geboren Bürki von Eichi, Cheistiaus Frau, alt 71 jahr Bürki, Anna (I2174)
52 Anna Wanzenried, Hans sel. witwe, geboren Müller ab der Landgarben, 70 jahr Müller, Anna (I2687)
53 Anna's uncle and aunt are recorded as witnesses, Niclaus and Catharina Liechti, Anna (I2325)
54 Appears not to be the same Rudolf Maurer, age 68, that died 10 June 1900 at Minneapolis, Hennepin, Also in the 1880 census of Chanhassen, Carver, Minnesota, age 48.

Maurer, Rudolf (I162)
55 Barbara Grossenbacher, Ulrichs witwe geb. Liechti von Hesli zu Obergoldbach, 73 jahr 9 monat Liechti, Barbara (I2155)
56 Bendicht Schmitz ab dem Moss mit Verena Jegg v. Büren zum Hoof, Hans Seber sel. witwe Family F668
57 Bern Archives, Schangnau image 19 of 77; seite 74; 8 June 1798, Isak Bühleman von Schangnau mit Barbara Liechit, Joh: Wältis witwe von Rüderswil. marriage in Wirzbaumman
Family F559
58 Bertha Jaeggi Fingerle, 63, wife of Christen C Fingerle, 470 Canyon road, died in a local hospital Monday at two p.m. after an extended illness. Mrs. Fingerle was born July 19, 1887 in Rechersevil C. T. Solothurn, Switzerland, the daughter of Gottfried and Anna Christen Jaeggi. She came to America with an older sister at the age of 14 and made her home in Salt Lake City. She was a member of the L.D.S. church. She was married to Mr. Fingerle in 1912 in the L.D.S. Salt Lake temple. They resided in Salt Lake City until 19 years ago when they moved to Ogden. She and her husband were called to serve in the Danish mission for the L.D.S. church, 1947 to 1949: Survivors include her husband, two sons and two daughters, Chris J Fingerle, Cedar City; Clarence Fingerle, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Ruth Karroll, Stockton, Calif., and Mrs. Joyce Roe, Ogden; two grandchildren; the following brothers and sisters: Mrs Fred Baumann, Salt Lake City; Ernest Jaeggi, Provo; Gottfried Jaeggi, Mrs Anna Heri and Mrs. Martha Hug all of Logan; Mrs. Elise Stuicki, Nampa, Idaho; Miss Emma Jaeggi and Sappl Jaeggi, both of Switzerland. Funeral services will be held Thursday at three p.m. at the mortuary, 533 Twenty-sixth, Bishop Orson T. Foulger, L.D.S. Seventh ward officiating. Interment will be in the Ogden city cemetery. Jaggi, Bertha Pauline (I33)
59 Biberist, 3 January 1772; 407 of; Honestus juvenis Stephanus Affolter ex Heinrichswil et Vidua Magdalena Jaggi nata Eggschwiler witwe
Family F912
60 Biberist; 16 Oct 1772, death; Jos Zuber ex Günsberg, 84 annos Zuber, Joseph (I805)
61 Biberist; 8 May 1792, death; Catharina Zuber ex Günsberg, Uxor Jacobi Kaufmann ex Recherswil, 65 annorum
Zuber, Catharina (I835)
62 Biberist; record of death; 26 Jan 1771; Jos. V.V. Witmer molitor in Biberist, 40 jahr Widmer, Joseph (I992)
63 Billeter error; Billeter has him marrying Elisabeth Sollberger in 1799; The details don't match as that Hans Ulrich is a Lehnmüller in Wynigen; He was born in 1777, age at death matches exactly Jufer, Hans Ulrich (I1787)
64 birth date calculated from death record and marriage record; not in Rüttenen Kirchenbuch von Büren, Victor (I1756)
65 birth date comes from marriage record in 1850 Jäggi, Joseph (I488)
66 birth in Matzendorf but not recorded their, 861 of Henzi, Niklaus Joseph (I267)
67 Bolligen tote - 15 May 1785, Bendicht Stampfli zu Habstetten, 48 jahr; 24 Oct 1770, Bendicht Stampfli von Habstetten, 44 jahr; 10 Nov 1773, Bend. Stampfli, v. Habstetten, 38 jahr
As we see three possible husbands for Elisabeth Rösch, it is not possible to determine which one she married due to lack of clarity in the records.  
Stampfli, Bendicht (I2778)
68 born and baptized in Swiss reform church in Luzern City, Luzern Rohrer, Elisabeth (I3840)
69 Christe Herrmann von Langnau zu Vielbringen wohnhaft mit Elsbeth Bürki von Weier Family F667
70 Christian Christen Maurer von heir der Anna Kähr Ehemann starb in Löchli, 32 jahr, 6 monat Christen, Christian (I89)
71 Christian Stettler, Hansen, Ehemann, der Anna geb. Schenk von heir auf inn Moosli, 58 jahr, 1 monat Stettler, Christian (I153)
72 Christian Wanzenried, Joh. sel. v. Zollikofen; mit Christina Kunz; 54 jahr, 8 monat, 16 tagen Wanzenried, Christian (I2758)
73 Christina Herrmann - Ulrich Schüzen Ehfr: von heir wohnhaft zu Gammeter, 70 jahr Herrmann, Christina (I2891)
74 Church census records include censuses for the years 1914, 1920, 1925, 1930, 1935, 1940, 1950, 1955, and 1960. Arranged alphabetically by head of household Source (S316)
75 City of Burgdorf

Advocate Otto Morgenthaler

. At the age of 79 years, Fürspre'Her Otto Morgenthaler passed away here. The deceased was a powerful personality, a citizen and politician of the best stamp, who played an important role in the city, district and canton in earlier years. From 1902 to 1922, for a full 29 years, he was a member of the Ernst Groben Rate as a representative of the constituency of Burgdorf. As a skilful debater and witty speaker, he achieved great significance in the Bernese vision authority. He was elected to numerous important commissions, of which he presided over a large number. In addition, the hometown was also able to benefit from his unusual workforce, his rough experience, fine exemplary love and loyalty to his homeland. He was a member of the local council from 1895 to 1899, and from 1899 to 1909 he was president of the local council. In addition, he headed the police commission and was a member of the construction commission, the commission for technical works. 1918/19 also resident community president. Before the separation he headed the old liberal-democratic official party and was an esteemed public speaker who was always applauded with his gripping, substantial speeches. For many years he was a member of the supervisory commission of the canton's technical center and the high school commission as a community representative. was a member of the board of the Burgdorfer Decree Railways. Member of the board of directors of the bank in Burgdorf and from 1924 to 1939 chairman of the board of directors of the Amtsersparniskasse Burgdorf. His law firm was in great demand. The deceased was always aware of the importance of the press. Many ingenious articles on political and cultural issues of the day came from his nimble pen. In 1919/11 he helped to transform the old "Berner Volksfreund": n the "Burgdorfer Tagblatt", and he was president of the board of directors for many years. Whenever a coarse festive occasion was celebrated in Burgdorf, he was always happy to help organize the festival and has often enriched the festival poetry with substantial contributions. Furthermore, Otto Morgenthaler lent all aesthetic endeavors in literature. His support for art and music. All of this will not soon be forgotten by the deceased.  
Morgenthaler, Ernst Otto (I407)
76 Clara Seewer Jaggi. Born April 10 1895, died December 8, 1997. "God knew you were suffering; each hill was hard to climb. In tears we saw you suffering, we saw you fade away. Then He gently closed your weary eyes and took you on that day. God saw you were getting tired and put his arms around you and whispered "Peace be unto you." God has you in his keeping; we have you in our hearts. Your memory is our keepsake and with that we'll never part. It broke our hearts to see you go, but, Mom, you did not go alone for part of us went with you the day God called you home." Mom was born in Toone, Switzerland to Christian and Anna Nydegger Seewer on April 10, 1895. At the age of 6 in 1901, she came to America with a Mormon missionary and was joined in 1906 by her family. She married Ernest Jaggi in Kemmerer, Wyoming on July 20, 1912, and was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple on April 18, 1946. She was preceded in death by her husband Ernest, sons, Ernest, Jess, Roy, Grant, Robert and daughter Anna. Grandsons Kerry Lee Beveridge, Danny Ray Beveridge, Dennis Christen, and great grandsons Steve Christen, Shawn Robinson and Lance Forbes. Left with her loving memory are Russ (Delilah) Christen, Paul (Jessie) Christen, Don (Phyllis) Christen, Helen Ryan, Barbara Bourgeois and Sally (Bill) Callahan. 37 grandchildren, 116 great grandchildren, 134 great great grandchildren, 2 great great great grandchildren and one sister Erica Ellis of Ogden. Funeral Services will be held Wednesday, December 10, 1997, at 11a.m. in the Berg Drawing Room Chapel, 185 East Center Street, Provo. Friends may call Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. or Wednesday morning, one hour prior to services at the mortuary. Interment, Provo City Cemetery. Seewer, Clara (I622)
77 Daniel Maurer Kilchmeyer auf der Landgarben, 60 jahr Maurer, Daniel (I2590)
78 Daniel Maurer mit Madlena Maurer beide ab d Lgarben Family F731
79 death 414 of, #85; Meinrad Niggli, Niklausen und der Magdalena Jäggi, Holzer von Hersiwil, gatte der Anna Maria Kofmehl von Derendingen, 50 jahr, 9 monat 4 tagen Niggli, Nicolaus Meinrad (I2655)
80 death record doesn't note exact month and day Jäggi, Franz Alois (I372)
81 death record indicates that she never married Morgenthaler, Maria (I1985)
82 death; 140 of; #15; Josef Strael von Recherswil, dachteck, witwer der Ursula Von Arx von Egerkingen geboren 7 Juni 1775, 86 jahr 9 monat 3 tagen Strähl, Joannes Josef (I2631)
83 died in child birth Weyermann, Barbara (I2499)
84 Durs Geiser, schmacher mit Barbara Herzig aus dem Obersteckholz Family F820
85 Durs Schmitz, sohn Durs in Moos zu Fraubrunnen mit Magdalena Weiss von Schalunen....in Limpach Family F670
86 ecord of birth; page 71; Parents - Jacob Güdel aus der Dorneich und Anna Maria Jäggi; test Hans Jäggi Chorrichter aus der Ghürn des kinds Grossvater, Anna Güdel des kinds tante, Barbara Jäggi geb. Iff Güdel, Anna Barbara (I132)
87 ecord of death; 930 of; Ho: Maria Stampfli ex Rech uxor Jos. Jäggi Stampfli, Maria (I3532)
88 Egerkingen, 594 of, page 107; Anna Maria illegitina 3 Aug 1758 tochter of Ursus First ex Gunzigen und Maia Ursula Weiss ex Hark.
No marriage record found, one month later, Ursus married Anna Maria Ritter in Sept 1758 in Kappel. No other possible Ursus found in the records. Up to the 1760's only a part of the names are readable due to damage in the Kappel church book. The Church Book is online
Fürst, Anna Maria (I2510)
89 Elisabeth Haüssler, Jacob Schär's auf der Zelgg, Ehweib, 46 jahrs Häusler, Elisabeth (I2476)
90 Elisabeth Herrmann geb. Bürki, Christians von Langnau, Ehefrau zu Beitiwil, 49 Jahr Bürki, Elisabeth (I2170)
91 Elisabeth Wanzenried geb. Bachmann, Samuels witwe von Rubigen zu Heimberg; getauft 6 Juni 1813 Bachmann, Elisabeth (I2263)
92 ERNEST G CHRISTEN 12 May 1914 15 Feb 1988 84601 (Provo, Utah, UT) (none specified) 528-20-1094 Utah Christen, Ernest Glen (I1336)
93 Ernest Jaggi: Provo - Ernest Jaggi, 83, Provo died Dec 6 in a Provo hospital of natural causes. Born Jan 12 1887, Recherswil , Switzerland to Gottfried and Anna Christen Jaggi. Married Clara Seewer, July 20, 1912, Kemmerer, Wyo. solemnized Salt Lake LDS temple. Came to Salt Lake City in 1908. carpenter, saleman, miner. Survivors: widow, sons, daughters; Ernest, Sandy; Leroy S, Paul D, both Orem; Russell C, Bountiful; Donald J, American Fork; Grant U, Los Angeles; Mrs Helen K Bryan, Mrs. Joe (Barbara) Bourgeois, both Provo; Mrs. Dilly (Sally Ann) Callahan, Salt Lake City; 35 grandchildren; 44 great grandchildren; brother, sisters; Gottfried Jaggi, Mrs. Anaa Heri, Mrs. Martha Hug, Mrs. Emma Jenni, all Logan; Mrs. Fred (Marie) Bauman, Salt Lake City; Funeral tuesday 11 a.m., Berg Drawing room Chapel, Provo, where friends call Monday, 6-8 p.m., prior to service. Burial Provo city cemetery. Jaggi, Ernest (I32)
94 est - Hans Bü?ler von Heimenhousen; Elssbeth Ingold geboh Schaad im Rötenbach; Anna Hofer geboh? Gygax von Thörig Bösiger, Elisabeth (I1938)
95 Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche Solothurn (Solothurn) Family F175
96 filia Josephi et Ursula Kronenberger ex Dietingen Kaufmann, Maria Anna (I3431)
97 Former Salt Laker is Buried in San Francisco: Word was recieved here Monday of the funeral in San Francisco Nov 1. of Jacob Wihler, former resident of Salt Lake who died in the coast city Oct 30. Mr. Wihler was born in Switzerland Jan 6, 1867 and moved to Salt Lake in 1906, making his home at 758 east Twenty-first south street until his romoval to California in 1923. While in Salt Lake Mr. Wihler was employed by the Salt Lake Hardware company. Surviving are his widow. Mrs. Marie Wihler, and the following children: Alfred, Marie, Emma, Ida, Emil, and Frieda Wihler, all of San Francisco. Wihler, Jacob (I907)
98 Frederick William Bauman, 99, 2764 Blair St., died Sept 25 in a Salt Lake rest home of natural causes. Born Sept 24, 1874, Bern, Switzerland to Peter and Anna Stolier Baumann. Married Elisa Jaggi, Salt Lake LDS Temple; she died. Married Marie Jaggi, Salt Lake LDS Temple; she died. Survivors: sons, daughters, William, Salt Lake City; Wallace, Bountiful; Mrs. Wayne S (Lily) Fairclough, Mrs. Nephi E. (Margaret) Johansen, Mrs. John (Mildred) Stewart, all Salt Lake City; Mrs. Claude (Ann) Richmond, Woodland Hills, Calif.; 18 grandchildren; 19 great grandchildren. Funeral Thursday noon, 5850 9th East, where friends call Wednesday 6-8 p.m., Thursday hour prior to service. Burial, Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park. Baumann, Frederick Wilhelm (I621)
99 From the 1950's or before it was thought that this Bendicht Bürki (1764) who married Barbara Schmutz was part of the family. The correct family is Bendicht Bürki (1776) who married Elisabeth Schmitz.
If you look at Billeter notes you will see that both families are next to each other. Both had a Niklaus born to them. When Niklaus married in 1831 it clearly records his birth in 1811 not 1803. Witnesses to births of children in the family clearly show the relationship to Bendicht Bürki and Elisbeth Schmitz. A mistake that has lasted for decades has now been corrected 
Bürki, Bendicht (I111)
100 gewesen zu Rüppiswil, ledig Jufer, Ulrich (I1789)

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