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Matches 951 to 980 of 980

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951 tochter of Joannes Jacob Lüthi und Marianna Saeger Lüthi, Anna Maria (I4351)
952 Uli Herrmann von heir und Anna Rotlisperger von Trub wohnhaft Family F835
953 Ullie Schütz von heir mit Christina Herrmann von Langnau Family F823
954 unknown where he was born at this time; birth date comes from marriage and death record. Confirmation record confirms they had a Jacob in this time period.  Schwaller, Jakob (I687)
955 Until this year it was thought that this Niklaus Bürki had married Elisabeth Bigler in 1831. The marriage record between the two clearly shows that Elisabeth Bigler married the Niklaus Bürki born in 1811, and is further supported by the witnesses to the their childrens births.  Bürki, Niklaus (I104)
956 Upon arriving in America he was known as Andrew Basiger Bösiger, Andreas (I2076)
957 Upon arriving in America he was known as John Ralph Basiger Bösiger, Johann Rudolf (I2078)
958 Upon arriving in America he was known as Samuel Basiger Bösiger, Samuel (I2074)
959 Viduus Jacobus Heri ex Oberbiberist, Landjäger et Maria Barbara Stampfli ex Etiken Family F763
960 volume K17, Totenrodel 1811-1827, page 174, #1 - Niklaus Stettler von Ferenberg, 35 jahr, schumacher Stettler, Niklaus (I2897)
961 von Grenchen Ris, Maria (I1786)
962 von Grenchen Ris, Anna Maria (I665)
963 von Ramisberg Liechti, Hans (I2308)
964 When Anna Wälti was born in 1779 the witnesses to the baptism notes children from a previous marriage. Christen Wälti von Rüderswil Infantis frater, Barbara Wâlti Soror infantis, Anna Liechti von Biglen. This confirms Johannes Wälti's first and second marriage together
Wälti, Johannes (I4222)
965 While the marriage record notes that Johann Joseph Jaggi and Maria Elisabeth Baschung are Josephs parents, the birth record and subsequent children note that Jakok is the father. Its has been noted that in the 1840's some irregularities have been found Kriegstetten civil registers. Jäggi, Joseph (I488)
966 witness - Bendicht Müller das andreser sel. sohn, Maria Maurer gebohren Waadli ab der Landgarben Müller, Bendicht (I2644)
967 witness - Christina Müller gebohren Zieli Müller, Maria (I2649)
968 witness - Daniel Maurer, Madln Zwygart gebohren Müller Müller, Maria (I2645)
969 witness - Elisbeth Müller geb. Zieli [wife of Niclaus Müller] Müller, Elisabeth (I2655)
970 witness - Hans Müller, Barbara Müller, Barbara Müller Müller, Barbara (I2642)
971 witness - Niclaus Müller, Chorrichter Müller, Anna (I2654)
972 witness at grandchild's getauft Jufer, Verena (I1785)
973 witness to baptism - Jacob Zwygart, chorrichter Maurer, Jacob (I2693)
974 Witnesses to Baptism; An uncle, Ulrich Liecht (1720-??) is specifically mentioned. An aunt, Cathrina Liechti (1722-1797) is also noted.  Minder, Anna (I2307)
975 zeugen - Andreas Bösiger von Rötenbach; Maria Ingold dass Felix Bösigers von Baumgarten ehefrau; Barbara Gygax von Thörigen Bösiger, Maria (I1725)
976 zeugen - Jacob Jufer (Joh. Ulr) von Melchanu; Ulrich Geriger (Peters) von Melchnau; Barbara Heüssler (Joh. Fridr) von Gondiswil Jufer, Jakob (I1722)
977 zeugen - Joseph Bösiger von Rötenbach frater; Hans Bösiger dem Burrach; Elisabeth Hofer von Bettenhausen... Bösiger, Hans (I1939)
978 Zeugen - witnesses; Jacob Jufer von Melchnau, auf in Wide; Jacob Ladermann, B???, von Madiswil; Maria Zaug, geb. Bosiger, kind grossmutter Jufer, Jakob (I169)
979 zu Beitiwil, Catharina Herrmann von Langnau, Christen tochter zu Beitiwil, 16 jahr Herrmann, Catharina (I2201)
980 zu Lützelflüh; Jakob Beütler von Lauperswil wohnhaft zu Rahnflüh und Elisabeth Leus von Diesbach bei Thun Family F713

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