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Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland


Tree: Lina Stettler
Notes: Melchnau in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (HDS) in german it is known as the Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz
Summary: Before the reformation in the 1500’s Melchnau was in Grossdietwil parish of Lucerne Canton, so it shares a border with the Catholic Canton of Lucerne. In 1764 there were 628 people and by 1850 there were 1478 people in the gemeinde which included the village, hamlets and farms in an area of 4 square miles. The kirchgemeinde of Melchnau includes the gemeinden of Melchnau, Busswil, Gondiswil, and Reisiswil; before 1798 it also included Auswil. The kirchgemeinde covered an area of 9.5 square miles without Auswil and a population of about 1800 people in 1764 and 3700 people in 1850. Besides farming there was straw and linen weaving, and shoemaking.
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City/Town : Latitude: 47.183088, Longitude: 7.85053


Melchnau, Switzerland
Picture postcard of Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland
Picture postcard of Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
51 Jufer, Ulrich  21 Mar 1723Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2532
52 Jufer, Ulrich  10 Jul 1785Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1789
53 Jufer, Verena  25 Jul 1773Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1785
54 Jufer, Vreni  2 Jul 1702Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2526
55 Käser, Anna  20 Jun 1773Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2456
56 Käser, Balthasar  25 Oct 1685Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I194
57 Käser, Barbara  9 Jul 1712Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I196
58 Käser, Barbara  1 Jan 1715Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I1797
59 Käser, Hans Ulrich  20 Dec 1722Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I197
60 Käser, Hans Ulrich  6 Jun 1779Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2459
61 Käser, Hans Ulrich  14 Jan 1781Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2460
62 Käser, Jakob  15 Oct 1741Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2455
63 Käser, Katharina  23 Feb 1777Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2458
64 Käser, Samuel  25 Jan 1775Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2457
65 Müller, Anna  28 Dec 1690Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I195
66 Ryser, Barbara  17 Aug 1783Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2162
67 Ryser, Christina  17 Jul 1789Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2165
68 Ryser, Johannes  20 Feb 1785Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2163
69 Ryser, Ulrich  1 Jul 1787Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2164
70 Stalder, Jakob  10 Oct 1751Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2251
71 Stalder, Johannes  9 Jun 1754Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2252
72 Stalder, Maria  15 Apr 1763Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2254
73 Stalder, Ulrich  29 Jun 1760Melchnau, Bern, Switzerland I2253

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