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Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland


Tree: Lina Stettler

City/Town : Latitude: 47.1763, Longitude: 7.82416


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jufer, Andreas  6 Sep 1793Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1792
2 Jufer, Anna Barbara  20 Sep 1831Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2396
3 Jufer, Anna Barbara  3 Apr 1861Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2522
4 Jufer, Barbara  28 Sep 1813Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2378
5 Jufer, Catharina  25 Sep 1823Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2382
6 Jufer, Elisabeth  11 Aug 1816Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2379
7 Jufer, Elisabeth  26 Sep 1848Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2518
8 Jufer, Hans Jakob  19 Feb 1775Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1786
9 Jufer, Jakob  6 Mar 1791Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1791
10 Jufer, Jakob  10 Aug 1821Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2381
11 Jufer, Jakob  20 Sep 1851Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2519
12 Jufer, Jakob  29 Jan 1853Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2520
13 Jufer, Johann Jakob  18 Jan 1824Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2393
14 Jufer, Johann Jakob  29 Jan 1825Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2394
15 Jufer, Johannes  11 Jun 1826Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2383
16 Jufer, Johannes  4 Nov 1834Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2397
17 Jufer, Katharina  9 Jan 1865Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2523
18 Jufer, Maria  24 Sep 1807Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2377
19 Jufer, Maria  25 May 1855Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2521
20 Jufer, Salomon  10 Jul 1785Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1788
21 Jufer, Samuel  15 Jun 1788Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1790
22 Jufer, Ulrich  Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1789
23 Jufer, Ulrich  12 Feb 1828Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2395
24 Jufer, Ursula  24 Jan 1819Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2380


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bärtschi, Maria  19 Oct 1832Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1976
2 Jufer, Andreas  1 Apr 1821Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1792
3 Jufer, Hans Jakob  2 Mar 1852Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1786
4 Jufer, Hans Ulrich  9 Mar 1821Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1780
5 Jufer, Hans Ulrich  27 Nov 1823Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1787
6 Jufer, Jakob  26 Sep 1851Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2519
7 Jufer, Johann Jakob  22 Feb 1824Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2393
8 Jufer, Johannes  9 May 1850Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1974
9 Jufer, Johannes  16 Jun 1865Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2397
10 Jufer, Salomon  22 Mar 1865Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1788
11 Jufer, Samuel  30 Mar 1835Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1790
12 Jäggi, Anna Barbara  21 May 1862Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I2392
13 Schärer, Magdalena  6 Oct 1804Rüppiswil, Madiswil, Bern, Switzerland I1784