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SCOGINGS, James Head M 49 1822 shoemaker Suffolk
SCOGINGS, Sarah Wife F 59 1812 Marylebone Middlesex
MURPHY, Annie Granddaughter F 1 1870 Middlesex
TAYLOR, Charles Lodger M 34 1837 Middlesex
MASON, Edward* Lodger M 30 1841

Piece:173 Folio: 10 Page:11
Registration District: Marylebone
Civil Parish:Marylebone Municipal Borough:
Address:Devonshire St, Marylebone County:
London, Middlesex

Scoging, James (I13)
2  Scogings, Sarah (I1472)
3 (This was found on a website somewhere and pasted into my notes. I am not the author)
It is commonly reported that Irene was the daughter of Pleasants Woodward. However, since she was born between 1792 and 1795, she would have appeared on the 1800 census as age 0 - 10. His census listing reports only one child in that age range and as his daughter Winifred Woodward was born about 1798, she would also fit that age range. Letters of Woodward descendants from the late 1800's which contain family history do not give Irene as the daughter of either Pleasants Woodward or Jordan Woodward. It is certain that Irene is the granddaughter of Cristopher Woodward and evidence exists to suggest that she is the daughter of Mary Woodward, the subject of a court case involving Nathaniel Jones in Wake County Court Minutes, March 6, 1793. She retained the sirname of her mother, Mary, youngest daughter of Christopher Woodward. The name of the child in this court case is not recorded and there are no records to prove that she is the daughter of Nathaniel Jones. It is possible that Irene is a daughter of Jordan Woodward who moved to Anson County. It is very unlikely that she is a daughter of Pleasants Woodward.

Mary, daughter of Christopher Woodward, is often confused with Mary, daughter of Richard Woodward, who married Young Utley in Wake County 20 October 1806 with Richard Woodward as Bondsman. From a deposition dated Nov. 30, 1809 Michael Duskin, Jr., J.P. of Wake County testified: "On October 20 last, he was at the house of Richard Woodward who lives near the line of Tennessee and Kentucky, where Polly Utley, the reputed wife of Young Utley of this State and County resided at that time." Based on his testimony, both the House and Senate of North Carolina passed and act titled, "A Bill to Divorce Young Utley of the County of Wake from his wife Polly." (GASR Nov.-Dec. 1811, Box 1, folder: "SB 14 Dec.). The proceedings of this case alternately refer to her as Mary and Polly Woodward. 
Woodard, Irene (I342)
4 In the Name of God Amen I Richard Flory of clopton in the County of Suffolk Farmer being weak I Body But of sound and perfect mind and be Equally Parted Between all my Children that is to Say Richard Flory Isaac Flory William Flory and my Daughter Elizabeth the now wife of Thomas Scogging....I do Nominate and Appoint my Son Isaac Flory and Benjamin Flory to be Executors.... Flory, Richard (I2990)
5 Morgan, Richard A
14049 Bandera St
Houston, TX 77015
(713) 453-5864

Miranda's bible is in the possession of Mollie Morgan wife of Richard Morgan (12 June 2003) 
Hill, Miranda E (I400)
6 "Issac Scoggins: Personal Estate L331 6s. 9d.: The Will of Issac Scoggins late Laxfield in the County of Suffolk Yeoman who died 18 July 1889 at Laxfield was proved at Ipswich by Samuel Scoggins and Jarvis Scoggins both of Laxfield Farmers the Sons the Executors." Scoging, Isaac (I1605)
7 "Jarvis Scoggins: Personal Effects under L200: The Will of Jarvis Scoggins late Friston in the County of Suffolk Yeoman deceased who died 10 January 1866 at Friston aforesaid was proved at Ipswich by the oaths of Isaac Scoggins of Laxfield in the County aforesaid Farmer the Brother Jarvis Scoggins of Laxfield aforesaid Farmer the Nephew and Isaac Crisp of Friston aforesaid Fisherman the Executors." Scoggins, Jarvis (I1661)
8 #


library research

Date: 20 Aug 2005ÙCtabÙDÙCtabÙD

Type of Record: 1861 Census Ancestry
Date of Event:1861

Place of Event:Lewes, Sussex, England
Source, Information given, Comment: The lived on St. Martin Lane in Lewes. Samuel lived iwth
his wife Susan and four children. The first child, Mary, was born in Oxfordshire. The others
were born in Lewes. The oldest is nine years old, so they must have married shortly befroe.
Samuel is a journeyman baker. RG9/586 folio 35

library research

Date: 20 Aug 2005ÙCtabÙD

Type of Record: 1891 CensusÙCtabÙDAncestry
Date of Event: 1891

Place of Event: Wistoe, So Shields, Durham
Source, Information given, Comment: Robert lived with his wife, Maria, and four children.
Robert is a carpenter. The children were born in various p;aces. The last being, Andrew, age 5 in
South Shields, Durham County where they currently live. RG12/4154 folio 72

library research

Date:27 August 2005ÙCtabÙD

Type of Record:Census Ancestry
Date of Event:1891

Place of Event:Penge, Surrey, England
Source, Information given, Comment: John A Goodchild lived with his wife, Mary and their child, Mable. Mabel was born in Penge. Both John and Mary were born in Badingham.
John was a domestic servant. John A Goodchild household; Penge, Surrey; RG12/600, folio folio 28

library research

Date:27 Aug 2005

Type of Record:CensusÙCtabÙDAncestry
Date of Event:1891

Place of Event:Badingham,Suffolk, England
Source, Information given, Comment: Mary a widow lived with her son James, now 18, and two grand children; John age 12, and Emily age 9: Mary Scoggings household; Badingham, Suffolk; RG12/1461, folio 15

Date:27 August 2005ÙCtabÙD

Type of Record:Census AncestryÙCtabÙDÙCtabÙD
Date of Event:1891

Place of Event:Badingham
Source, Information given, Comment:John lived with his wife , Mary and son Herbert E in Badingham. John was an agriculdtrual laberer. John Scogings household; Badingham, Suffolk; RG12/1461, folio 14

Date:27 August 2005ÙCtabÙD

Type of Record: Census Ancestry
Date of Event:1891

Place of Event:Horham, Suffolk, England
Source, Information given, Comment: Samuel and Elizabeth lived with their two children, Florence Elizabeth age 2, and Maurice Samuel age 10 Months. Samuel was a agricualtal laborer. Samuel Sparrow household; Horham, Suffolk; RG12/1461, folio 78

Date:27 Aug 2005ÙCtabÙD

Type of Record:census AncestryÙCtabÙD
Date of Event:1901

Place of Event:Ubbeston, Suffolk
Source, Information given, Comment: Samuel lived with his wife, Elizabeth and five ve children, ages 10 to 2. Samuel worked on a farm Samuel Sparrow household; Ubeston, Suffolk; RG13/1794, folio 32


Type of Record:
Date of Event:

Place of Event:
Source, Information given, Comment:

Scoging, Philip (I197)
9 #67 Issac Scoggins 18 July 1889 ag 92; Mary Ann W. of above 16 Nov 1895 ag 89 Scoging, Isaac (I1605)
10 #67 Issac Scoggins 18 July 1889 ag 92; Mary Ann W. of above 16 Nov 1895 ag 89 Stanford, Mary Anne (I1609)
11 #68 Elijah Scoggins 7 Aug 1835 ag 30 Scoging, Elijah (I1608)
12 (Death ruled suicide) Stiles, Billy Joe (I69)
13 (On Thursday Last) Same Day, at Capt. Robert Smith's, St Mary Stoke, Ipswich, aged 23, Mr Robert Flory, master of the brig Shannon, of that port, and son of Mr. Flory, of Witnesham. The deceased was much respected, and will be long regretted by his relatives and friends.
Flory, Robert (I5186)
14 (Research): Dwelling: 14 Shipwright St
Census Place: West Ham, Essex, England
Source: FHL Film 1341410 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1717 Folio 124 Page 59
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William PHILLIPS M 42 M Middlesex, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Lab
Eliza PHILLIPS M 46 F Suffolk, England
Rel: Wife
Abraham SCROGGINS W 83 M Suffolk, England
Rel: Father In Law
Occ: Lab
William GOUCHER 4 M Essex, England
Rel: Visitor
Susan HADLEY M 65 F Northampton, England
Rel: Boarder
Jeremiah HADLEY M 66 M Northampton, England
Rel: Boarder
Occ: Lab 
Scoggin, Eliza (I1199)
15 (Research): Scroggins, Eliza (I615)
16 (Research): Haward, Eliza (I601)
17 (Research): Scoging, Philip (I197)
18 (Research): Scoggins, William (I77)
19 (Research): Deaths Dec 1891: Dall Margaret age 58 Gateshead 10a 615 Oswald, Margaret (I213)
20 (Research):!LAND-PROPERTY-RESIDENCE: Fife County, Abridgement of Sasine;1781-1840;1781-1820, #492,1782, #6090,1802;; FHL SLC film 217,107; NOTE: John Auchterlonie, Mason in Linktoun.

!COURT-DEED: Register of Deeds, Agreement between siblings John, William, Alexander, and Margaret upon the death of David; 1673-1871;Burgh of Kirkcaldy, recorded 5 Apr 1797, B41/7/9;Parts A,B,C; SRO, copy of original in Poss of Don Jaggi; NOTE-RELATIONSHIP-SIBLINGS-SPOUSE-RESIDENCE-FATHER: This deed list each sibling, there spouses, where they lived, and David there fathers name.

Research performed by Andrew Brown, BUCKHAVEN
Date: 26 July 1996 I met him in Kirkcaldy in 1996
As to the Disposition and Settlement of John Auchterlonie, mason, mentioned in the 1827 Sasine, I am afraid that this Deed has not been recorded in any of the Series that I have checked. Basically, there are 4 Series in which a Document of this sort could have been recorded. (1) Sheriff Court of Fife, Register of Inventories (SC20/50); (2) Sheriff Court of Fife, Register of Deeds (SC20/34); (3) Books of Council of Session (RD5), which is the Register of Deeds kept by the Court of Session in Edinburgh, the highest Civil court in Scotland; (4) The Register of Deeds of Kirkcaldy Burgh Court (B41). There are indexes to the first 3 Series, while I have compiled an index to the Deeds in the Burgh Records.........Registration was voluntary, and there was a registration fee. In the late 18th Century and early 19th Century Fife Deed warrants, which I have seen, they carry an nine pence imprest stamp, so it would cost at least that to register the Deed, plus legal fees. So, it was quite an extensive process.
Auchterlonie, John (I217)
21 (Research):1 1891 WILSON NATHAN M 65 KELLS KIRKCUDBRIGHT 868/00 008/000 003

NATHANIEL WILSON MaleEvent(s): Birth: Christening: 29 OCT 1826 Newlands By Keswick, Cumberland, England Death: Burial:

Name: WILSON, George Address: Village of Laurieston(857A)
Parish: Balmaghie
Relationship: head of household
Marital Status: married
Occupation: CARTER
Age: 57
Born: born England
Household No: 3/72 
Wilson, Nathan (I330)
22 (Research):1. Groom George Felmingham Status – from Parish – Bride Emma Scoggins Status – from Parish – Married at Redlingfield on 07 Jul 1835 Scoggins, Emma (I199)
23 (Research):1. Name Richard RYE Date 23 Jan 1822 Aged 70 Place Gosbeck Description St Mary Denomination Anglican County code SFK
Amount paid £0.06

2. Name Richard RYE Date 12 Jan 1802 Aged 67 Place Henley Description St Peter Denomination Anglican County code SFK
Amount paid £0.06 
Rye, Richard (I136)
24 (Research):1860 Census. age 49. 1870 Census of Cayton Co., age 59, and living alone.. Buried in Mt. Zion Church Cemetery. 1870 Clayton county, Georgia census indicates Jane age 49, born 1811

1860 Clayton Co. Census, age 51, farmer, with $2,000 worth of real estate and $800 personal property, b. GA 
Jones, Jane (I434)
25 (Research):1880 United States Census:; He is not found in this census database Burden, James (I787)
26 (Research):3. Parish St Breward Piece Number 1516 Enumeration District 6 Folio Number 68 Schedule Number 27 Living at Limehead Name Stephen HAWKEN Relationship HD Age 36 Sex M Employment Carpenter Born at St Breward, CON Disability – Alternate Surname – Hawken, Stephen (I418)
27 (Research):73 Ainsworth St
Census PlaceBlackburn, Lancashire, England
Family History Library Film 1342005
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4197 / 44
Page Number 3 
Gibson, William (I364)
28 (Research):Alice OSWALD Birth Date: 6 Jun 1888 Death Date: Dec 1980 Social Security Number: 033-34-5768 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Massachusetts Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 02169 Localities: Houghs Neck, Norfolk, Massachusetts Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts Quincy Center, Norfolk, Massachusetts South Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts West Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts Butler, Alice Maud (I434)
29 (Research):Birth Mar 1878 Wilson Annie Isablla Blackburn 8e 43[14] Wilson, Annie I (I328)
30 (Research):Births Mar 1883 Scroggins Emily Annie Steyning 2b 306 Scroggins, Emily A (I1254)
31 (Research):Births Dec 1837 SCOGGINS«tab» Sarah«tab» «tab» Plomesgate«tab» 12«tab»276 Scoggins, Sarah (I79)
32 (Research):Births Dec 1878 Scroggins Walter Edward Preston 8e 647 Scroggins, Walter (I1290)
33 (Research):Births Dec 1889 Scroggins Clara Naomi Steyning 2b 275 Scroggins, Clara N (I1256)
34 (Research):Births Jun 1842 List Benjamin Samford 12 419 List, Benjamin (I1117)
35 (Research):Births Jun 1845 LIST William Samford 12 433

Deaths Jun 1852 List William Samford 4a 346 
List, William (I1118)
36 (Research):Births Jun 1848 Scoging«tab» Samuel William«tab» «tab» Bosmere &«tab» vol 12«tab»page 331 Scoging, Samuel William (I32)
37 (Research):Births Jun 1849 Page William Lewes vol 7 page 452

1. Date of Baptism(d/m/y) 17/06/1849 Name William PAGE son or dau. s Date born –/–/– Father's Name Elam PAGE Mother's Name Caroline PAGE Occupation Police Constable Abode Southover Parish Lewes, Southover St John Notes Augustus Arlibar Curate
Amount paid £0.06 
Page, William (I1103)
38 (Research):Births Mar 1839 Scoggin«tab» Philip«tab» «tab» Bosmere &c«tab»vol 12«tab» page 285 Scoging, Philip (I18)
39 (Research):Births Mar 1844 SCOGGINS Robert Plomesgate 12 408 verify surname Scroggins, Robert (I614)
40 (Research):Births Mar 1860 SCOGGINS«tab» Lucy«tab» «tab» Woodbridge«tab» vol 4a«tab»page 639 Scoggins, Lucy (I108)
41 (Research):Births Sep 1838 SCOGGINGS«tab» Robert«tab» «tab» Woodbridge«tab» vol 12«tab»page 429 Scoggins, Robert (I120)
42 (Research):Births Sep 1840 Scoggings«tab» John«tab» «tab» Woodbridge«tab»vol 12«tab»page 426 Scoggins, John (I121)
43 (Research):Births Sep 1859 Scroggins Anne Brighton 2b 167 Scroggins, Anne (I1221)
44 (Research):Births Sep 1877 SCROGGINS Thomas Philip Brighton 2b 195 Scroggins, Thomas Philip (I1224)
45 (Research):Births Sep 1878 Scroggins Jane Elizabeth Bramley 9b 405

Births Jun 1876 SCROGGINS Jane Edith Leeds 9b 585 
Scroggins, Jane (I1289)
46 (Research):Births Sep 1880 Scroggins Charles James Brighton 2b 277 Scroggins, Charles James (I1225)
47 (Research):Births Sep 1885 Scroggins Frederick William Steyning 2b 276 Scroggins, Frederick William (I1255)
48 (Research):Burial: Thornhill Church of Christ Cemetery, Marion County, Alabama Putman, Simeon H (I939)
49 (Research):Camp Chase Cemetery United States Civil War Center, Louisana 199?
row 35 number 50 Grave 1681

10th Alabama Cavalry ~~Roster © Copyright 8/01/98
James D. Allen Missouri City, Texas
Todd, Joseph E. Co. G Private
Tomlin, Wesley Co. B Private
Townsend, James J. Co. ___ Private
10th Regiment, Alabama Cavalry
10th Cavalry Regiment was organized during the winter of 1863-1864 with men recruited in those counties north of the Tennessee River. The regiment was first stationed at Mount Hope, then was assigned to General Roddey's Brigade, District of North Alabama, Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. It principally was restricted to outpost duty in the Tennessee Valley and disbanded during the spring of 1865. Colonel Richard O. Pickett, Lieutenant Colonel J.R. Powell, and Major W.P. Wrenn were in command. 
Tomlin, Wesley (I806)
50 (Research):Casualty Details
Initials: «tab»S
Nationality: «tab»United Kingdom
Rank: «tab»Private
Regiment/Service: «tab»Suffolk Regiment
Unit Text: «tab»2nd Bn.
Age: «tab»25
Date of Death: «tab»04/08/1918
Service No: «tab»265482
Additional information: «tab»Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Scoggins, of Waldringfield, nr. Woodbridge, Suffolk.
Casualty Type: «tab»Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: «tab»III. J. 28.

Country: «tab»France
Locality: «tab»Pas de Calais
Location Information: «tab»Aire is a town about 14 Kms south-south-east of St. Omer. The Communal Cemetery is 750 metres north of the town, on the road to St. Omer and the four Commonwealth plots are on the east side. 
Scoggins, Sydney (I115)

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