The Scogings and those that married into (pre 1850) the Scogings line originate from Suffolk County, England. They worked the land as farmers and laborers as Suffolk County was agricultural country. Various spellings of the surname can be found over the centuries; Scoggins, Scoging, Scroggins, etc.. You should search all possible spellings in the database. Part of the database is turning into a one name study for all Scoggins in Suffolk County, England

The Mckenzie's originate from Kirkcudbright County, Scotland. Many in the family went to Canada after the lease on the farm expired in 1856. My ancestor, Robert Mckenzie, married in Dublin in 1863. By 1870 he was back in Dalbeattie working as a granite polisher. In 1890 the family emmigrated to Barre, Vermont. After 1890 no trace of the family can be found in Kirkcudbrightshire. John James Mackenzie, son of Robert Mckenzie, became a public official in Barre from 1901 to 1907.

Scope of Research

These pages include all branches of the Mckenzie and Scogings lines. This includes over 1000 different surnames. If you find common names in these pages, chances are you are a cousin. Whether you are a 1st cousin or a 5th cousin you are welcome to contribute information here. You can contribute in various ways; contribute a picture of a tombstone, an obituary, history, gedcom, or anything you deem to be of value to future generations.

Feature Articles

feature 1 John James Mackenzie runs for political office in Barre, Vermont

feature 2 William Bye Scogings Mormon Pioneer, farmer, seaman, 1822 to 1886

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feature 4 Parish of Urr in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland


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