Suffolk County, England


Tree: Descendants of Thomas Scoging 1709 - 1788
Notes: William White, 1844 History, gazetteer and directory of Suffolk, (LIVE LINK)


County/Shire : Latitude: 52.241041, Longitude: 1.054453

Tree: Samuel Scoggins 1801 Bruisyard
County/Shire : Latitude: 52.1872472, Longitude: 0.9707801

Tree: Scoggin from Coddenham
County/Shire : Latitude: 52.1872472, Longitude: 0.9707801

Tree: Children of Robert Scoging and Elizabeth Rawling
County/Shire : Latitude: 52.1872472, Longitude: 0.9707801

Tree: Children of Richard Lord and Deborah Hagar
County/Shire : Latitude: 52.1872472, Longitude: 0.9707801

Tree: Richard Scogings 1787-1853
County/Shire : Latitude: 52.1872472, Longitude: 0.9707801


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1775Suffolk County, England I3137
2 Sarah  Abt 1730Suffolk County, England I3344
3 Sarah  1820Suffolk County, England I2605
4 Baker, Thomas  Abt 1787Suffolk County, England I633
5 Birch, Sarah  Abt 1768Suffolk County, England I4187
6 Bobbit, Sarah  Abt 1755Suffolk County, England I3604
7 Brett, William  1772Suffolk County, England I4252
8 Bridges, Sarah  Abt 1765Suffolk County, England I3154
9 Brinkley, Sarah  1779Suffolk County, England I3516
10 Cullum, Edward  Suffolk County, England I3354
11 Cullum, Edward  Abt 1728Suffolk County, England I3178
12 Dowsing, Temple  1815Suffolk County, England I3574
13 Edwards, George  1797Suffolk County, England I3144
14 Elliston, Thomas  Abt 1792Suffolk County, England I3516
15 Flory, Benjamin  Abt 1757Suffolk County, England I4186
16 Flory, Isaac  1714Suffolk County, England I2995
17 Flory, Sarah  1816Suffolk County, England I4051
18 Gall, Dinah  Abt 1769Suffolk County, England I3524
19 Garnham, Mary  Abt 1814Suffolk County, England I3686
20 Harber, William  Abt 1776Suffolk County, England I1763
21 Hardwick, Elizabeth  Abt 1800Suffolk County, England I3326
22 Hazelwood, Isabella  1838Suffolk County, England I3740
23 King, Martha  Abt 1835Suffolk County, England I3308
24 King, Martha  1838Suffolk County, England I83
25 King, Mary  Abt 1776Suffolk County, England I3233
26 Lambert, James  Abt 1755Suffolk County, England I3342
27 Lanham, William  1797Suffolk County, England I3548
28 Last, John  Abt 1785Suffolk County, England I3534
29 Lewis, Joseph  Abt 1790Suffolk County, England I3582
30 Lord, Richard  1722Suffolk County, England I3485
31 Lord, Richard  1722Suffolk County, England I3485
32 Manning, William  Abt 1795Suffolk County, England I3803
33 May, Henry  Abt 1811Suffolk County, England I3273
34 Packard, Elizabeth  Abt 1810Suffolk County, England I3058
35 Peck, Wheeler Hilda M  1898Suffolk County, England I3396
36 Pepper, Thomas  Abt 1780Suffolk County, England I3187
37 Pipe, Frederick Stoverson  1885Suffolk County, England I1758
38 Plumb, Ann  abr 1768Suffolk County, England I3537
39 Pooley, Ann  Abt 1754Suffolk County, England I3226
40 Potter, Sarah  Abt 1765Suffolk County, England I3509
41 Rye, Richard  Abt 1735Suffolk County, England I3031
42 Scoggins, Arthur William  1916Suffolk County, England I1820
43 Scoggins, Joshua  1812Suffolk County, England I1663
44 Scott, Mary  Abt 1718Suffolk County, England I3291
45 Skeet, Mary Ann  1820Suffolk County, England I1659
46 Spooner, Sarah  Abt 1800Suffolk County, England I3543
47 Stegold, Mary  Abt 1721Suffolk County, England I3274
48 Thurston, Robert  Abt 1816Suffolk County, England I3687
49 Wakeland, Elizabeth  1798Suffolk County, England I3526
50 Waspe, Robert  1809Suffolk County, England I1750

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Oxborrow, Caroline  4 Feb 1838Suffolk County, England I3674
2 Scoging, John  7 Feb 1819Suffolk County, England I11


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1845Suffolk County, England I4527
2 Rebecca  1909Suffolk County, England I2934
3 Baldry, James  1866Suffolk County, England I1827
4 Barnard, Sarah  Abt 1871Suffolk County, England I1723
5 Blois, Jarvis  1953Suffolk County, England I2128
6 Boast, Arthur Sidney  1902Suffolk County, England I4292
7 Bugg, Lamina  1935Suffolk County, England I3722
8 Chambers, Jonas  1920Suffolk County, England I2268
9 Cracknell, Mary  7 Jan 1901Suffolk County, England I595
10 Crisp, Isaac  1887Suffolk County, England I2266
11 Dowsing, Temple  1867Suffolk County, England I3574
12 Flory, Cyril Archibald  1976Suffolk County, England I3891
13 Godbold, Charles  1893Suffolk County, England I2573
14 Goddard, Betsy Anna  1917Suffolk County, England I2804
15 Goodwin, Harriet  1912Suffolk County, England I2935
16 Green, Harriet Adams  1888Suffolk County, England I2133
17 Hazelwood, Isabella  Abt 1883Suffolk County, England I3740
18 Jackaman, Georgina  1924Suffolk County, England I174
19 King, Martha  1860Suffolk County, England I3308
20 Mayhew, Jane  1882Suffolk County, England I1714
21 Packard, Elizabeth  1850Suffolk County, England I3058
22 Packard, Elizabeth  1850Suffolk County, England I71
23 Pepper, Thomas  1847Suffolk County, England I3187
24 Rudd, Eliza  1872Suffolk County, England I4037
25 Scoggins, Bessie  24 Aug 1969Suffolk County, England I2811
26 Scoggins, George  1901Suffolk County, England I630
27 Scoggins, John  6 Aug 1937Suffolk County, England I637
28 Scoggins, Samuel  1888Suffolk County, England I1
29 Scoggins, William  1898Suffolk County, England I2389
30 Scoging, Hephzibah  1861Suffolk County, England I1599
31 Scoging, Mary  1883Suffolk County, England I1600
32 Scoging, Samuel  Abt 1861Suffolk County, England I1602
33 Spooner, Emma  1896Suffolk County, England I3541
34 Webb, George  1894Suffolk County, England I3563
35 Wilkin, Honor Sarah Ann  1938Suffolk County, England I3698
36 Wink, Charlotte  1867Suffolk County, England I2932
37 Woollard, Robert John  1883Suffolk County, England I3764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Manning, William  Abt 1832Suffolk County, England I3803

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Research Notes    Person ID 
1 Flory, Benjamin  Suffolk County, England I4186


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ablett / Scoggins  1899Suffolk County, England F1164
2 Alliston / Flory  1842Suffolk County, England F1285
3 Brown / Wix  1873Suffolk County, England F789
4 Chambers / Pipe  1858Suffolk County, England F1212
5 Cotton / Dowsing  1869Suffolk County, England F1053
6 Cotton / Grayston  1869Suffolk County, England F1050
7 Crisp / Butcher  1890Suffolk County, England F1144
8 Crisp / Hammond  1860Suffolk County, England F1140
9 Cullum /   Abt 1752Suffolk County, England F983
10 Flory /   Abt 1799Suffolk County, England F925
11 Flory / Swann  1874Suffolk County, England F1175
12 Freestone / Rogers  1873Suffolk County, England F937
13 Gaskin / Fleming  1899Suffolk County, England F787
14 Hackwell / Blois  1873Suffolk County, England F652
15 Haward / Miller  1850Suffolk County, England F1157
16 Haward / Mouser  1872Suffolk County, England F1153
17 Haward / Rudd  1869Suffolk County, England F1152
18 Lay / Bugg  1875Suffolk County, England F1090
19 Lay / Hardwick  1876Suffolk County, England F1104
20 Lay / Prentice  1867Suffolk County, England F915
21 Lay / Woodward  1895Suffolk County, England F1086
22 Martin /   1875Suffolk County, England F779
23 Mayhew / Johnson  1869Suffolk County, England F1194
24 Milborn / Scarlett  1856Suffolk County, England F893
25 Milborn / Whitman  1854Suffolk County, England F911
26 Murrell / Thurston  1876Suffolk County, England F1129
27 Payne / Lay  1884Suffolk County, England F1097
28 Pearce / Rogers  1896Suffolk County, England F884
29 Pepper / Rogers  1855Suffolk County, England F877
30 Pepper / Rogers  1864Suffolk County, England F875
31 Pipe / Sparrow  1910Suffolk County, England F538
32 Potter / Cotton  1873Suffolk County, England F1054
33 Quinton / Webb  1862Suffolk County, England F761
34 Rogers /   1869Suffolk County, England F878
35 Rowland / Lay  1877Suffolk County, England F1103
36 Scoggins / Brady  1868Suffolk County, England F658
37 Scoggins / Cooper  1876Suffolk County, England F554
38 Scoggins / Drane  1864Suffolk County, England F22
39 Scoggins / Fisher  1878Suffolk County, England F1131
40 Scoggins / Goddard  1875Suffolk County, England F854
41 Scoggins / Hazelwood  1879Suffolk County, England F722
42 Scoggins / King  1857Suffolk County, England F24
43 Scoggins / Symonds  1915Suffolk County, England F793
44 Scoging / Holland  1851Suffolk County, England F17
45 Self / Scoggins  1920Suffolk County, England F855
46 Sheldrake / Fenning  1849Suffolk County, England F1061
47 Smith / Haward  1849Suffolk County, England F518
48 Smyth / Thurston  1863Suffolk County, England F1213
49 Thurston / Smith  1880Suffolk County, England F768
50 Tilbery / Smyth  1891Suffolk County, England F1214

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