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History of Mary Elizabeth (Brown) Scogings written by her and others

An account of the life and times of Mary Elizabeth Scogings written by her and others

Mary Elizabeth Brown daughter of David Emanuel Brown and Mary Ann M Hyatt was born at Carroll co. Georgia 28 Oct 1874 was blessed by a Mormon Missionary 30 Nov 1876. Traveled by ox team with her parents from Georgia to Utah , being 18 months on the way, arriving at Monroe, Sevier Co. Utah March 1878. She with her parents had spent the previous winter at Snow Flake, Arizona as members of the United Order of the Mormon Colony there.

Her schooling and childhood days were at Monroe, Sevier Co., Utah. She was always quiet and religious nature obedient and loving to serve her parents at all times. She was chosen as a Sunday School teacher at the age of 10 years in 1884, taught her class to read, as schooling was very expensive, and not compulsory , many children did not attend school. Was baptized by Bro. Bowman at Monroe, Utah 7 June 1883, confirmed the same day. In 1886 was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Primary Association, she loved music, and was chosen as Ward Organist Aug 1892. 4 Aug 1895 was set apart as President of the Monroe Primary Association at the same time was holding the position Asst. Secretary + Chorister of the Y.L.M.J.A.. In Sept 1896 she joined her parents who had moved to Marysvale, Piute Co. Utah., in the spring she had remained at Monroe to take care of her Grandmother (Lucy Brown) who had been stricken with paralysis and who died 17 Aug 1896, that winter 1896 she taught school at Johnson, Kane Co., Utah. .

On her return in the spring of 1897 to Marysvale she met Philip Elem Scogings and was married at the Manti Temple 1 Dec 1897, lived at Marysvale. On April 1 1898 was set apart as Ward clerk and 2nd counselor of the Marysvale Relief Society. Gave birth to Wm David 25 Aug 1898, the following spring she with her husband and son William migrated to Silvergate, Uintah Co., Utah, arriving there 1 May 1899. On the 1 Dec 1899 was chosen as 2nd Counselor of the Silvergate primary. Gave birth to Amy June 20 1900. In the spring of 1901 was sustained as chorister, librarian, and treasurer of the Silver Gate M.I.A. In 1904 she with her husband and family homesteaded some land on the Indian Reservation known later as Bennett Ward, Uintah Co., Utah. Gave birth to a still born child at Silver Gate 5 June 1902. Moved to Vernal, Uintah Co. fall of 1902. I gave birth of Oral Susan 21 June 1903 at Vernal. After moving to Bennett in March 1904, attended church of Roosevelt for about 4 years. Gave birth to Alton Phillip 6 June 1905 at Bennett. On 3 Nov 1908 the first Sunday School was organized at Bennett, she was the first teacher chosen also chorister of that organization. The first Primary Association was organized 23 Apr 1911. Mary was set apart at as 1st Counselor . 1 June 1913 she was chosen as 2nd councilor to Relief Society and as organist of the Sunday School 3 Aug 1913. As instructor of the Y.L.M.J.A., 1 March 1914, Primary organist 4 Apr 1915. Gave birth to Nettie May 14 Aug 1907 and Homer Emanuel on 26 July1910. Joseph Russell born 13 Jan 1913; Ella Jane born 3 Dec 1914 and Arden Leroy born 10 Mar 1917. Mother of 10 children Set apart as 1st councilor of the Bennett Relief Society 15 Oct 1916. Moved to Montwell, Duchesne Co., Utah 10 Apr 1917. Went back to Bennett Feb 1919 was set apart as Sunday School chorister + organist 21 Aug 1919, Organist of the primary and M.I.A., 4 January 1920, also 1st counselor of Relief Society and teacher of Religion class in January 1920. .

Divorced from Philip E. Scogings 15 December 1921. In the spring of 1921, Alton, age 16 was thrown from a horse at Bennett. He fractured the bone in the right leg which turned into bone trouble known as Ostemilitis (decaying bone) and then scattered in all parts of his body necessitating 36 major operations. Fore one year he received treatment at home by Roosevelt doctors with no success or benefit, so Mary with Alton and 5 younger children went to Salt Lake City, so he could get better medical aid. Arrived at Salt Lake City 21 May 1922. The day of her arrival in Salt Lake City she placed Alton in the LDS Hospital where he remained for 5 years. The first year she was in Salt Lake County she lived in Holiday, then moved into Salt Lake City. During the first eight years of her stay in Salt Lake she worked at the Baldwin Radio company soldering where she became an expert. Through this employment she was able with the help of her eldest son Wm to meet the hospital expenses, and have a meager living for the family, many trying circumstances arose during this time and many times the hand of the Lord came to her rescue almost miraculously . In January 1927 she took out a life membership in the Genealogical Association and commenced to do research work for her kindred dead and was able to get many hundreds of names. In April 1927 was chosen as genealogist of the Hyatt – Hiatt surname organization at Payson. Also set apart as a member of the genealogical board and teacher of the junior Dept. of the 8th ward, Liberty Stake 27 Sep 1931. .

Moved to Montwel, Duchesne Co., 17 Apr 1932. Took possession of fathers old home which had been bought by her son William and gave to her. 14 Aug 1932 was sustained as secretary and treasurer of the Montwel general board. Set apart for the same 12 Feb 1933 by Clifford Bradshaw, also Sunday School teacher. 1 Nov 1933 all officers of the Montwel and Cedarview wards were released and the two wards united in one called Montwel Ward. Mary was chosen as Board member Sec. Treas. Of Genealogical Organization 12 Mar 1933, also theology teacher of Relief Society and supervisor of the Primary Trail Builders. Oct 1935 sustanied as 1st councilor in Relief Society. May 1936 sustained as Sunday School chorister also Ward chorister. Sustained as 1st councilor of Primary association Dec 1936. 13 Nov 1938 the Montwel ward was reorganized ( Bishop Richardson moved to California) Arthur Wiscombe bishop, Mary was sustained as Ward chorister, Sunday School chorister, 1st councilor Relief Society, 1st councilor Primary Association and Supervisor Trail Builders. Secretary Genealogical set apart for all offices 27 Nov 1838. ?? Houtge mouthpiece – Was sustained as president of the Montwel Relief Society 16 July 1939

About the 2nd of March 1937 Son, Alton who was supervisor of the mechanical department of the Federal C.C. Camp located at Hinckley, Utah in unloading steel nails for the construction of a bridge got his ankle injured, was taken to the Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, the following Sunday, the right leg was amputated at the hip in order to stop gangrene poisons that had developed from his injury. He died 10 a.m. March 10 1937 leaving a wife and two daughters was buried at Bountiful Cemetery, 32 years old. On 4th of December 1938 son Arden L. took sick with severe pain in his stomach, taken to Roosevelt for medical treatment. He died 10 p.m. 5 December 1938 supposedly with ruptured appendix, buried 8 December 1938 at Montwell cemetery, Duchesne county, Utah 27 Aug 1939 was set apart as President of Montwel Relief Society by Bishop Arthur Wiscomb. Entered L.D.S. hospital in Salt Lake City 19 Feb 1940, underwent a very delicate operation 24 Feb 1940. Dr. Frank J Winget acting surgeon, he removed appendix, large tumor, female organs, returned to Montwell 19 April same year.

Son Russell operated on for appendix 16 Oct 1941 on account of his poor health we rented our farm and went to Idaho Falls, Idaho to stay with William D Scogings (my eldest son) on account of being absent from Montwell it was necessary to be released as President of the Relief Society in June 1941 and all other offices. War was declared December 1941. Stayed in Idaho Falls winter 1941, Joseph Russell was unable to pass the draft examination, was advised to do defense work and accordingly went to Portland, Oregon 20 Aug 1942, went to work at Kaiser Vancouver Ship Yard. Sent for his mother, I joined him Oct 12 1942. Mary had remained in Idaho Falls with son William. We moved to McLaughlin Hts., Vancouver, Washington 12 Jan 1943. Lived in the Federal Defense House, 5529 East 13th Street. Her health was very poor from July suffering from inflammation of kidneys and bladder, also ulcerated stomach. Russell had an attack of pneumonia in June 1943 and was in the hospital for 5 weeks ( Northern Permante hospital) close to ship yard. He was a welder. Mary was taking treatments under Dr. Ben N. Wade in Portland, Oregon for 6 years.

August 1944; Will + Afton spent a month with us along with many sight seeing trips went to Sea Side Oregon, Long Beach, Seattle + other places in Washington + attended the ice Foleys 1945; August, Nettie and Albert Farey from San Francisco, Calif. Stayed 2 days the Russell + Mary ??? then to Idaho Falls, Idaho, visited Yellow Stone Park + Teton basin 1946; 1st of March 1946 Mary and Russell took a month vacation visiting each of her children; William in Idaho Falls, Idaho; Amy Smith in American Fork, Utah; Oral Evans in Salt Lake City, Utah; Netie Farey in San Francisco, California; Homer in Ajo, Arizona; Ella Rehbock in Redwood, California. Also visited her sisters and brother. Traveled through seven states, Redwood forest, tree treasure, tree house, volcanic beds, painted desert, grand canyon of the Colorado river, Hoover dam, Zion and Bryce canyons in Utah; orange groves in California; Hollywood also petrified forest in Arizona; Mormon Temple grounds in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through the valley of the moon and Lost River Valley, big lava beds in Idaho. Returned home by way of Columbia River, Gorge Highway 1 April 1946. 1947; 13 July 1947 Russell and Mary took a 5 day trip, visited museum of Fine Arts at Mary Hill Ferry in Washington, Snake River, Gourge Lava beds, Crater Lake an Oregon Cones. 1948; 1 May we visited the Lambert Gardens in Portland, Oregon; 15 May spent one week in Seattle, Washington with sister, Neta Labrum; 30 May, Columbia River flood waters destroyed the city of Vanport in N- Portland, Oregon. WE were on the Oregon side, had to remain there for 10 days; came home via Bridge of the Gods: 13 June, attended Rose Festival at Portland, Oregon.

1949; 5 January, Homer E. passed away at Ajo Arizona, age 39 years, left wife and three children, he had suffered 7 years with miners consumption was advised to go Arizona to live by his Dr. 5 years previous to his death. He was buried at Ajo Arizona , 9 January 1949. His wife, Myrtle’s health was poor so she + children Amy, Mary, and Bobby came to Vancouver, Washington. Oral, Russell, and I went to Homers funeral. Nettie and Albert Farey and ??? Fern 1950, May 16, left home visited with Delilia Merrell, sister and brother John Brown at Caldwell, Idaho, then to Pocatello, Idaho for a month with son William, went to Yellowstone Park and other interesting places. A week in Utah visiting daughter, Amy Smith; sisters, Martha hunt, Bell Jorgenson and Candus Evert: 19 June I and sister Martha Hunt left Utah SLC by train for Alabama. Spent a month visiting among our mothers people (Hyatt) We had a wonderful trip and met many wonderful relatives. I returned home August 1: 10 August 1950 daughter Nettie and Albert came from San Francisco, California, stayed for two weeks, we visited Bonneville, Areal dams and Rose Park. 1951; Feb, Will + Afton from Idaho, they were snowed in for a month; Mar we went smelt netting caught all we could, take care of, We went up on Somby Rivers in Portland Oregon 1951 Spent Easter weekend with brother Emanuel Brown in Portland, Oregon. 6 June 1951 son William and family of Idaho Falls, Idaho had a serious car wreck. I arrived there 8 June and stayed with them until August 1st. Moved to 1008 West 14th Street, Apt 2, 23 Nov 1956, Vancouver, Washington. May 1956; I spent a week with sister Neta Labrum in seattle Washington

In 1958 she was sick a lot so went to the county hospital at Vancouver, Washington. She died 15 July 1958 and buried at Vancouver Washington upon the hill above Oral Scogings Evans

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